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Latest Working Airtel 2G, 3G and 4G free Tricks Airtel Tricks Free Internet

Airtel free 2g, 3g and 4g Tricks June 2016. Tricks of Airtel 3G / 4G-2016). I came up with a better and 100% free Airtel Internet tricks that can be used in Airtel for free internet with this trick and it will work 100%. Our website also offers mow all operator internet tricks, I tried this trick in Delhi / NCR. You can also try this trick and tell us. Airtel hiked their internet price plans 3G / 4G. That is why we came here with this trick. There are some sites that offer fake tricks of Free Internet Airtel. However, we will give Airtel Free Internet tricks without survey. Just follow the steps below.

Latest Working Airtel 2G, 3G and 4G free Tricks Airtel Tricks Free Internet

Features of Airtel Free Internet tricks (Airtel 3g and 4g tricks).

It works with 0 balance.

It will provide the 3G network.

unlimited surfing in one day.

The download is limited to 100 MB per day.

The minimum of 150 KB download speed.

It is like work on any android app like WhatsApp, Facebook and other network applications.

Easy to connect

You can bookmark this page for Airtel Free Internet tricks as we will update a new trick here soon. We offer you the best way to get free internet Airtel. These tricks are amazing for Airtel users.

How to use Airtel Free Internet tricks (Airtel free 3g 4g tricks).

Some users do not know how to use Airtel Free Internet tricks, but do not worry, I'm here to say that it is very easy to use. Here is easy step by step method to use free Airtel 3G and also free Airtel 4G internet.

1). Download Droid VPN App from play store.

2). Open Droid VPN and login. If you don't have an account then register first to create Droid VPN account.

3). Click on the Settings icon.

4). Press the connection protocol and TCP.

5). Press the HTTP header. Enable it and enter the below in the custom HTTP header.

Host: get.wynk.in
X-online-host: get.wynk.in
Host: one.airtel.in
X-Online-Host: one.airtel.in
          Host: airtelgurus.com
X-Online-Host: airtelgurus.com
Host: airtellive.com
X-Online-Host: airtellive.com

Then press OK.

6). Close the Droid VPN application and open it again.

7). Select the Netherland 6 server, which is free.

8th). Connect and make sure that your balance is 0.

You must enable the data on your phone to connect to the servers of the Netherlands.

Note: - Sometimes not connect to this server, but you should try again. Because this server is awesome.

Free Airtel (Wynk trick host)

First load the Wynk App from Play store. Then you need to install the application and open the application with active data packet.

Now tap your account in the application then touch FREE TRIAL.

Then press and choose WYNK freedom plan. It's free.

Then download and install the tunnel PC guru or Droid VPN for Android.

Connect the Internet  with APN: airtelgprs.com.

Then you need to open the tunnel Guru and go to Settings, then the option.

Now go to Advanced Settings, then find the parent proxy.

Enter this IP Parent Proxy: IP, Port: 3128.

Press the header and write this code: HOST: mo.wynk.in/X-Online-host:mo.wynk.in

Connect to TCP port 443 and you are done.

Airtel Free Internet with Troid VPN trick

You must download and install Troid VPN.

Then select the free Troid VPN server.

You can set the port as
Rport: 443

Then go to change settings.

Make sure "Use proxy for TCP connection" is enabled.

Then enter these values.

Proxy Host: or
Port: 3128

This is the trick. Save button and then connect the Troid VPN.

If this configuration does not work for you, then you can go to other settings.

Open Application Troid VPN and select the free server. Then set TCP
Rport: 443

Then go to the advanced settings.

You must set DNS:

Make sure to use a proxy for TCP connections enabled.

Put these settings there.

Proxy Host: or
Port: 3128
Host: one.airtel.in/@ or host: airtellive.com/@

Press the Save button, then close Troid VPN. It connects immediately.

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