New software makes it easy the move to virtual desktops

New software makes it easy the move to virtual desktops.

PrairieIT announces two new software products that simplify the process of PC virtualization for CIOs. Products PrairieManager and PrairieThinClient, are released after 24 months development in the real world test with larger companies with multiple locations.

New software PrairieThinClient and PrairieManager. PrairieThinClient is software that turns existing PCs into thin clients

For over a decade, CIOs have their company money saved through virtualization. What more can you ask? Employees receive new, faster computers that save companies money, less PC end up in the landfill and the IOC get a grip more consistent and stable IT environment.

However, the easiest way for a computer environment can be a complex, disturbing. Mark Oman, PrairieIT said. "In short, this is the process of converting a computer environment to a virtual office unnecessarily complex problems of compatibility and virtualization software pop-up" service provider of cloud-backend", the licenses must be followed and often the entire computer network must knows to be reconfigured. we find that the virtualization client PCs glove for most of the last two years".

This could explain why reports a low adoption rate of 1-3% of the virtual desktop infrastructure, developed a technology to save money and simplify things.

"Anyone who has VDI software can benefit from our cost-take, easy to use software" Oman said. "New thin client VDI can connect easily run $300 and take hours to install and configure. PrairieThinClient Our software $12, if you combined with our free PrairieManager allows almost free VDI connection and takes less than 10 minutes to install."

PrairieThinClient for every CIO or IT professional who conceived, moved to a VDI environment with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises Non-profit, educational and governmental organization.

PrairieThinClient software, existing PCs to thin clients is converted, without the purchase of new equipment and accompanying (uninstall and get rid of old hardware, rewired the installation of new hardware and configure the network) complexity. The software installs on any PC and replaced the operating system XP or Win7 support and removal of Windows updates. PrairieThinClient is not only easy to install and configure Remote is virtual with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware desktop environments RDP compatible.

PrairieManager is a Windows software that system administrators and IT managers to manage and control all remote machines PrairieThinClient interface allows simple.

Software products are available for download Free downloads are fully functional and have no time limit. PrairieThinClient costs $12/seat and to buy for use without required license. PrairieManager is free.
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