Wi-Fi Tricks 10 Tips to increase the Wi-Fi Signal at Your Home

10 tips to increase the Wi-Fi signal at your home. Wii-Fi router is one of the most important pieces of technology that is in the house. In India, it is also one of the most overlooked technologies considering the poor quality of modems, which are given by the ISP India regions. The situation is very bad. Even if you manage to installed your WiFi modem, in a fairly central location, there are several elements that come into play. Most likely you will have to suffer from their dreaded "dead zones", having no internet access or your internet connection speed will be very slow.

Wi-Fi Tricks 10 Tips to increase the Wi-Fi Signal at Your Home

For example, the Nextra fiber line in India comes with an abysmal Binatone router. The modem has a shorter range, even less than the old Beetle Airtel modems. So, as you can bring something like that okay. Most ISPs will push consumers to Strecker. But then the stretch burst speed kill.

Therefore, we need a few better ways to speed up the Wi-Fi and to solve Wi-Fi problems if you have them in your house.

1- The best way to solve Wi-Fi problem is buying a new router. Preferably, you should opt for a new dual-band router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac and 802.11nstandard.

2- It is important that the WiFi channel that your router is using is proper. PC with Windows, you can install a free tool called inSSIDer to find out which channel the router is turned on. In OS X, you can hold down the "option" and the menu for Wi-Fi Settings Click to find out what channel the router is running. To change the settings, you must go to the model of your router because they depend on the make and model of router.

3- As already mentioned, the modem or router is perhaps the most overlooked of the technology in the room. You may not know, but your router also gets software updates every time, but these changes occur manually in most cases. To upgrade the router enter the configuration interface, which does not happen often, and always there is a firmware update waiting for you.

4- As a router, it may be a problem with your PC or Mac, or the latest drivers work. In OS X El Capitan, especially there are some problems which reduce the Wi-Fi connection which can make your internet speed slow speed and of low range. To solve it, you need to remove four files:

- / Library / Preferences / System Configuration /

The five files in question are:

- com.apple.airport.preferences.plist
- com.apple.network.identification.plist
- Com.apple.wifi.message-tracer.plist
- NetworkInterfaces.plist
- Preferences.plist.

Before you delete these files, it is recommended to perform a backup (if something goes wrong). After you delete these files, you will notice a significant improvement in the wireless performance.

5- One of the things you can do with the WiFi router is to move in a central location in your home. If you are bitten the bullet and buy a separate router, it may be, you can use a CAT-5 Ethernet cable, so it can be placed in the middle to improve coverage at home.

6- The router can be improved. At least their antennas. Router with external antennas can be upgraded with high gain antennas and can be arranged in a desired direction. High-gain antennas can cost between Rs 3,500 to 7,000 and can be found at places like Nehru Place or online markets as Amazon.in or even AliExpress, come from China.

7. It is possible that your Wi-Fi signal may be suffering from many interferences. Cordless phones, microwaves, and Bluetooth devices can cause interference. You can get rid of all, or buy a dual-band router such as Apple Airport Extreme or NetGear N600, which can operate in the 5 GHz band. This band is not affected much by interference.

8- You can increase the range of your WiFi signal with a trick called the WindSurfer tinfoil trick. You can use an old can of coke and use a can opener to peel open. You will need to make a hole in the bottom of the box so that the antenna of the router can still pass from it and the rest of the body can act as a rudder signal. The results will not be great, but you will observe a little Wi-Fi signal boost.

9. If you are on a different floor than the router, then it is best to keep the 2.4 GHz band, which are better to drill through walls. 5 GHz channels, as already mentioned, does not suffer opposite to disturbances, but they have problems with walls.

10- If you open to being adventurous, you can use an open source software tool called DD-WRT. It is known to develop the potential of the router, which is, of course, a positive impact on the performance of the router.
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