Adsense Low CPC and CTR, Tips To Boost Adsense Earning to 200%

Ezoic review- Increase AdSense CTR, get high CPC ads, get rid of Adsense low CPC ads and Double your Adsense earning with Adsense certification program. Ezoic is the first and only technology in the world based on Google Certified Partner Adsense. Briefly, Ezoic is a site improvement program that will help you to increase Adsense earning by about 50% to 200% higher than what you get normally from Google Adsense by automatically optimize ad formats and ad placements. Blog Optimization is not just enough to maximize your AdSense earnings, but the optimization of advertising space, formats, and ad placements are also very important. Moreover, there are many bloggers or website developers can not do as effectively as Ezoic can do for you.

Ezoic review- Increase adsense CTR, get high CPC ads, get rid of adsense low cpc ads

Ezoic is the best platform to make more money without compromising the performance of the website. Usually, we always seem to only focus on writing the site content, marketing and use other tools for websites to optimize, but most of us will lose focus on the optimization of ads such as ad placement, size, color and other formats on a single page effectively. Ezoic makes the ad optimization automatically and in an excellent way to try to improve the CTR of your site. Ultimately, the publisher will receive the daily increase in the estimated advertising revenue [50% to 200%] with an improved user experience, more traffic, more page views, and therefore higher PageRank.

We know; better user experience equal better search positioning and is the best way to make more income. Today we are going to tell you the effective way that I personally use in my websites to increase the Adsense revenues. Really pleased to present the Ezoic platform for you and you really want to earn more with this legitimate program. I think Ezoic is best for those who want to increase Adsense income but don't have much time for A/B testing.  Ezoic has an automatic testing tool for serious publishers.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a platform to improve websites and for ad testing site based on the Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, USA. It is the first platform, having large and unique technology-based test automatic and is Google Adsense Certified Partner for publishers. As a result of greatly informed and aware of online advertising, which is selected for the connection with Google Adsense. And what publishers are getting amazing results in their earnings.

Why you should use Ezoic?

1. Ezoic offers free CDN server - helps improve speed loading site.

2. Automatic Ad position and colour testing - help publishers increase ad revenue.

3. To test and create new site designs Layouts automatically - helps improve page views.

4. Website Optimization - Helps to improve usability.

5. Asynchronous Loading Ads - help to improve the integration of the user.

6. More page views + best user experience = more traffic = improve site PR [Search Area].

7. Automatic optimization and monetization ad - help earn more than twice the average.

8. Display 5 adsense ad units on a page without violating Adsense TOS.

Receive payments Ezoic

Use the following payment methods with which you can receive your payments from Ezoic with a small $20 threshold.

We recommend using Payoneer - which will deposit the money directly into your bank account.
Other payments options that Ezoic offers are:-

  • PayPal
  • check
  • Dwolla ID or email

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Ezoic Review - My Personal Experience and optimization results by Ezoic after the use of use for 20 days.

Tips To Boost Adsense Earning to 200%

The following stats shows the daily income - initial earning was $1.50 and $0.50 and later increased to $1.50 to $3 per day. It works, as they said. I tried Ezoic with 4 other websites and all make extra money with AdSense account.

Here is step by step instructions, installation, and configuration of Ezoic account.

The best method is to use CDN. You must follow CDN on your website and install. and come back.

Otherwise, if you have your own home, then you need to change your configuration name of the DNS server to redirect toEzoic Server.

2. Add your website. Enter your data and click the Visit the Ezoic dashboard.

3. The first option is to integrate your website with Ezoic. I recommend that you add your website by CloudFlare. This is necessary in order to link your site to CloudFlare Ezoic account. Put your CloudFlare e-mail address and password login and install CloudFlare. CloudFlare is the best tool that protects and accelerates your online site. Once CloudFlare is installed on your website, the Internet traffic over the CDN servers will be forwarded through an intelligent global network.

4. Go to the App Store and make sure that you have installed Ad tester and mediation app. Ad tester automatic test ad locations on your site, while the mediation app allows you to add all your existing ad network accounts to Ezoic so that they can compete for the ad space on your website. It is recommended that you should link your Google AdSense account first - said Ezoic. Here you need to choose ad network and put your login details into it just to add it to your Ezioc dashboard. Need NOT to worry as it is certified by Google Adsense. It’s 100% reliable platform. So, I recommend adding AdSense account. After 24 hours integrated into your AdSense account, activated and started with Google Ad Exchange. No need to do something Ezoic will do all this automatically, but effective for you.

5. Return to test the Control Panel and click ad tester app. Here you have to put Ezoic ad code to your site <head> tag and follow all the steps. This is the most important step. Here you need to decide where the ads will appear. I recommend most of their ads above the fold are placed. Placing ads above the fold is the proposed method of work for many sites, and I think these ads often perform well and help publishers monetize content correctly.

6. Now, in the dashboard, you will see, Step 3 - Turn Ezoic. Here you can turn Ezoic OB or OFF for the desktop or a tablet or mobile. In addition, you can send the percentage of traffic to Ezoic platform. I recommend 100%.

7. You are successfully integrated and installed Ezoic in your website.

Congratulations Now it takes less than 24 hours for your site to work effectively over time. After the integration, it takes some time to show some positive results because Ezoic needs to test a lot firstly but believe me, when the initial testing is over you can see an increase in earning from 50% to 200% of the daily average.

Final score

I recommend to give it a try to Ezoic platform. Ezoic can help increase website revenue. It is a free program. So try for 30 days at least, and I'm sure you will be surprised by their results. Return after 30 days again to share your progress. Or you can ask questions by comments, definitely, we will try to solve them.

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