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18 Best SEO Tips SEO Checklist For 2015 Blogger

18 Best SEO Tips and seo checklist should be clean and avoid in 2015

There is a lot of talk now a days about Google SEO checklist eventually killed by Panda and Penguin algorithms, they continue to take down more and more web sites with each new update.
So is really  SEO finally dead?

18 Best SEO Tips should be clean and avoid in 2013 SEO, SEO tips and tricks

If you have a look at some of the loss of organic Google traffic  to companies, since the first algorithm Panda  launched in February 2011. Analytics data show losses of more than 50% organic Google traffic is not uncommon for sites.

This pattern certainly make it seem as if SEO could be dead. But is it really?

To answer this question, I went back into the crowd, checking website traffic, lost reports that I have done since the beginning of 2011. I searched the web pages, the problems were uniform in most of the sites I checked.

It did not take long for me to conclude that web seo is not really dead, SEO, SEO tips and tricks are truly alive - if not already completely dead.

So if you were to rely on tricks and SEO checklist shortcuts, then yes, for you SEO is dead.
Indeed, it is likely that the same things that helped you before what now will hurt your website. But even for those of us getting the best practices of SEO have used, some things have changed.

Today and for the foreseeable future, not to mention to SEO is about optimizing for specific keywords and more on techniques, social cues and the general reliability of the company and its website.

If I lost my audits site traffic, I found no less than 18 specific issues that have contributed to large losses of organic traffic from Google and the loss othat many companies and website face.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Duplicate Content.

2. Stuffing keywords.

3. Over seo.

4. Footer Links.

5. Anchor text automatically.

6. Spam Comments.

7. Low quality pages.

8. Mal-presentation.

9. Sometimes the content is less.

10. Technical problems.

11. Bad writing.

12. No content.

13. Link pop pages.

14. Unnatural links.

15. Semi-hidden text.

16. Rich snippet abuse.

17. Integrity.

While some of the above intentionally or sites on organic web traffic  to increase, others were more unnoticed - with some overlapping problems of others.
For example, duplicate content caused by technical problems, but also explicitly as an easy way to add more content on a web site, are carried out. And keyword stuffing is often done in combination with the contents removed bottom cover, but not always.

For most problems can be divided into several general categories of a few:

* Technical Problems

Content Issues *

Usability problems *

* Ask liaison

* The downright deception

In the coming months I will go into more detail on all the above issues and questions of SEO and show you. Few concrete examples in future articles For now, however, here are the key takeaways you need to know to make a good ranking in 2015 and beyond:

Technical problems which has affected SEO always existed and always intelligent SEO consultants were fixing a priority. But after Panda and Penguin, the fixation is more important than ever. Technical problems are a problem for SEO spend management system bad content (CMS) create duplicate content settings for the navigation of the site is essentially invisible to search engines. Whatever may be your specific technical problems, now is the time to fix. If you are not yet on the performance of your SEO website is likely to be for a new Panda update or penguin.

Think less about optimizing for specific keywords.

I know this seems to contradict what I have preached for years, but it's a very important point. If you do SEO for specific keywords that you want to (as we have always done it) optimize rank, you may end up hurting you now. What happens is that you have too much in too many places in the sides and on the entire site for specific words and at the end of. But now it's not so useful for search engines as it used to. In most cases, this will reduce your ranking and traffic from these specific keyword phrases. Instead read recently recommended Karon Thackston (and confirmed Matt Cutts of Google), and use more of a variety of words in your content. Be sure to keep my new mantra of SEO in your head. "Less is more".

Have a real content / social media marketing strategy.

Forget the link to the old building. Google really as web spam. If you link to your own website easily add present somewhere, we can assume that not count for much (or anything) to Google. In other words, as directory submissions, article directories to forget unnecessary links wheels, forum signatures and spam comments. This is all broken, a waste of time.
Instead, hire a real writer and the work of my posts and informative content on a regular basis. Make sure what you write is really might of interest to people who buy their products or services (also known as your target audience).

Find out where your target market is off-line if. On Twitter, Face book, Google+, forums and blogs in the industry, and spend time with them Friends. With them and ensure that they are aware of any useful content, information on its website, if any Be especially sure to let them know when new content is thinking like fate, their contents as well as shares in mind and do not be afraid to ask to write their own.

Above all, win the trust of Google.

If your site is misspelled or keyword stuffing, it does not seem very trustworthy to Google. If all the links to your website. With a particular keyword, rather than the name of your company, does not seem to be very trustworthy to Google If people can not easily find what they came to your site to find, or they can continue to rotate around the place, it does not seem very trustworthy to Google. If you. Several websites all selling the same products when enough it does not seem very trustworthy to Google.

If you really want to earn the trust from Google to you (and your site) to be trusted. Try to listen, to think them that deceive your website something that is not captured, and. With a business and a website has never been easy. While Google had left most of the blade in place for a long time, they actually put their money where their mouth is now. Forgot so try to find the latest links and SEO checklist get to work!


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