6 Tips to increase the Storage memory of your iPhone

Tech Tips: 6 ways to increase the storage (memory) of your iPhone. Apple is known for being stingy with respect to the provision of internal memory on their phones. Despite the iPhone selling at a price of about Rs 60,000, the device comes insignificant with an internal memory of 16 GB.

iphone comes insignificant with an internal memory of 16 GB.

In 2015, when most of the major manufacturers have adopted the basic 32GB basic storage for their mobile phones, Apple, followed the same 16 GB for the iPhone 6S. The iPhone is perhaps the best area possible for your applications,  games, movies and music. So what to do when the internal memory is only of 16 GB - ofcourse usable memory is less, comes his way and running out of the storage. Well, there are ways. We will tell you the best ways to get a little more space on your iPhone.

1. Your iPhone often shot in HDR mode. Essentially, the phone takes a couple of shots and stitch them together. Now the problem is that while the unit saves the HDR photo, it does not removed abnormal photos taken at the same time. That is, there are many duplicate photos that the phone records in its gallery. In addition, HDR is not required in all scenarios. Then maybe not be used all the time. Settings> General> Photos & Camera, you will find an option that you can turn normal photos by clicking on the HDI recording. Use this feature to icrease storage of iPhone.

2. The iPhone 6S introduces new features such as live photos. Now living photo consumes a lot of memory which is enabled by default on the iPhone. You must disable the function to save memory.

3. Go to Settings> General> Useage> Manage Storage. This is where you will find what you monopolize the memory of your iPhone. In most cases you will find that the photos take up more space. If you need some memory, then perhaps you should use the backup storage your photos and access cloud. You can use iCloud. but you can also use Google Photos. It will download unlimited images in a very high resolution and also in the application configuration menu that have already been saved.

4. Remove the games that you do not play anymore. Games are large files. They are in gigabytes and have a large storage of pork. If you do not play a game, simply remove to free more space on your iPhone.

5. Do not store music or videos on your iPhone, you should consider the use of music streaming services like Apple music that has a large music library.

6. If the situation is serious, it is necessary to remove the backup files of iPhone, go to Settings> General> storage and use iCloud> Manage file storage and backup to delete. Often this file will be larger than 2 GB.
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