AT&T offers Samsung Galaxy view tablet for $30 per month

AT&T offers the Galaxy S Tablet LTE for $30 per month or $500 with a 2-year contract. This holiday season, AT&T offers the opportunity to be the proud owner of one of the greatest Android devices of the market, Samsung Galaxy view. They even give you two ways to pay.

You buy Samsung Galaxy View from AT&T for $30 a month easy installment for 20 months or $500 can be paid in advance and the unit in a qualified plan with a 2-year contract. The value of sales of the device Samsung Galaxy View price is $600.

AT&T offers the Galaxy S Tablet LTE for $30 per month

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet is a large screen device, aptly named, because it has a giant screen so that you can see the full screen mode of galaxies. This is probably an exaggeration. Galaxies seen hundreds of thousands of light-years, but the galaxy are almost no light years from 18.4 inches.

Insofar as the tablet the Galaxy view however is a monster size tablet. Samsung says that the device is a bridge to fill the gap between the tablet and TV.

Obviously, a niche product, the Galaxy View is a smart tablet of Samsung. AT&T announces the "best mobile video experience." With such a large and vibrant screen, which is really a binge dip Sleep Nestled worthy device. At least in theory - with the possibility of LTE, you can take your rage with you.

View of the galaxy is so large, many homeowners may find it a little too heavy to hang on the way. Call it a mobile video experience can be a stretch.

It sounds like a good deal for you? Do you want to buy Samsung Galaxy View Tab or not? Let us know in the comments!
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