Apple iPad Pro vs Windows tablet review What to buy

Why Apple iPad Pro is best from Windows tablets. The new iPad Pro takes mobile operating system from Apple and runs very smooth.

As Apple launched the iPad Pro, many commentators have pointed comparisons between Apple ipad pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4. On the surface, this makes sense, since both devices are similar to laptop tablet hybrid. Microsoft launches Surface tablet online that can replace your laptop, also recently they launched a high-end laptop called Surface Book.

Why Apple iPad Pro is best from Windows tablets.

But after using the iPad Pro for some time, I believe it is wrong to compare it with the Microsoft Surface devices.

With the surface pro 4 Microsoft used desktop operating system - the new Windows 10 - and designed it as "2 in 1 hybrid mode". The surface is like a laptop, which can also be used as a tablet. While it is an interesting idea, very few Windows 10 applications for a real Tablet interface are created.

Apple ipad pro is a 12.9-inch tablet and Apple designed the iPad Pro with a approached of  mobile-first. IPad Pro uses the mobile operating system from Apple iOS that brings an ecosystem of 800,000 apps that are designed specifically for a tablet.

This difference is very important. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is on the success of Windows desktop software. The company sees the device as able to offer a desktop experience with a focus on productivity, but in a mobile format. Apple has now added an iOS that can be used for a larger screen. IPad Pro is released as a versatile tablet which provides a great experience for the consumer and at the same time take advantage of the productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and apps from new iPad software company IBM.

Deciding to use Apple's iOS on the iPad Pro will have a significant impact on society and the general PC market. What did Apple said about iPad Pro is that If you create a mobile device that needs to be made for mobile. This violates Microsoft, adopted in a 2-on-1 hybrid and using a desktop operating system in Surface pro 4.

One interesting twist that the Apple iPad Pro might cannibalize sales of the Mac, but this risk has kept the company in the past. IPad Pro customers first see that artists and creative people, given the new Apple Accessories Stylus. But it is clear to talk to Apple executives who see the domination of the device as a match for the business PC market.

Our creative marketing strategies on the project market for the iPad Pro game controller provides sales matching surfaces Pro 4 1.5 to 2,000,000 per quarter for the first year and possibly twice in the second year. Confirmed by my own use that although it is not a laptop replacement, Apple ipad pro is capable of doing almost anything a Mac or PC offers and it do not need much demanding applications such as image and video editing. This, combined with the lowest compared to the Apple MacBook range of prices, means that it will receive serious attention from students and IT departments.
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