Upgraded Xiaomi Mi PAD 2 tablet with metal body and more features

Xiaomi launched metal body MIPAD 2 tablet. China mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced another big event coming up next week and while the focus will be made on a new metal body Xiaomi smartphone, the company could also show something more. The first rumors is that Xiaomi will launch its best featured and rock solid upgraded tablet Mi Pad2.

Xiaomi launched metal body MIPAD 2 tablet.

In a post on Weibo, co-founder of the company published a photo of what looks like a metal body tablet. All we can see is one of the corners of the device that the rear camera with power and volume buttons on the side.

The new design is very beautifully presented especially in comparison to the colorful plastic casing in the original Xiaomi Mi pad.

The Mi Pad 2 is also expected to tackle some improved specifications. This includes a new Intel quad-core chip, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. This is even more of a tablet entry, but that does not mean that you are not happy at the right time.

Lin Bin also recently joked smartphone metal golden color with a fingerprint reader on the back just below the camera. This seems to be Redmi Note 2 Pro, an enhanced version of the most recent phablet of Xiaomi. As the flagship of MI5, we are still waiting to see the launch of this upgraded Mi2 tablet next week but it is also possible that the company will store this announcement for early week of 2016.
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