Microsoft office on android but says no to tablet and BlackBerry phones

Microsoft Office comes with Android, but says no to tablet and BlackBerry phones

Microsoft Office on Android phones and tablets needs a subscription of $100 yearly for the android microsoft office and is not available separately.

Microsoft office on android tablet needs a subscription of $100 yearly
Microsoft office on android

Microsoft offers an abridged version of its Office software for Android phones, but retains the use of Android tablets as not to make a version for the iPad.

The company has the software available from Wednesday to play Google online store. Subscription required US 100 per year for the office and is not available separately. The new offer follows the publication of an iPhone version in June, bringing an Office application for phones with the operating system used on the new smartphones. Like other mobile versions, the new software platform is designed for easy use. For example, can be used to view and edit an attachment by e-mail is sent. But it is not the intention of a complex calculation sheet from the ground up to create.

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Microsoft is trying to make the most compelling Office 365 subscription, do not take an advantage of the Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows have - the ability to run popular office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

"The launch of this application shows that we add value to android microsoft office 365 participants are required," the company wrote in a blog. "Office 365 subscribers now can access, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the mobile phone, the iPhone and Android smartphones with Windows."

Microsoft pushes subscriptions as a way to get customers to continue paying sold for a product that was in a historic purchase. The company touted the benefits such as the ability to run the package on multiple computers and get free updates on a regular basis. However, the subscription to be more expensive than buying the complete package for only one or two computers.

Microsoft said Office phone specially designed for the small screen Android phone, although many people want to edit documents on the large screen of a tablet. The company has a version for iPad and Android tablets, known as Office Web Apps, but that runs in a web browser and requires a permanent online connection. The new Android is a software application that is installed on the phone and can work offline.

With a subscription, customers often get to use Office on up to 10 devices. Five of them can be compressed or Mac or Windows. The other five can be iPhones or Android phones. Windows Phones come with Office installed and does not count toward the limit.

Create a version for the iPad, the tablet PC sales, Forrester Research analyst JP Gownder believes that Microsoft may give you $ 1400000000 per year in revenue, based on 10 percent of the 140 million iPhone owners for a subscription of $ 100 to pay. Gownder said not on the iPad or Android tablets are incentives for users to explore the competing offerings such as Quickoffice for Google and Apple iWork.

Technically, iPad users download the iPhone version, but not the advantage of the larger screen, so the images and texts are confused when stolen. Not Download Android tablet owners will be able to learn about Play.

The new software requires Android 4.0 or higher - Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or jelly bean flavors Google for microsoft office on android tablet. In a first step, is only in the United States, although Microsoft plans to expand to 117 markets, with versions in 30 languages.

Microsoft has still no plan to bring office to BlackBerry phones.
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