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Common SEO mistakes that can affect the ranking of your website

Yes, today's world of search engine optimization to be a huge wave. With a steady stream of articles and videos of Search engine optimization tutorial that many steps praised necessary to reassure Google and friends to get high rankings to page feel out of reach. Sometimes the approach is to examine less intimidating to today's most common mistakes of SEO do-it-yourself and professional colleagues. First, make sure that you are not guilty of the most common errors today, you may feel that nothing is in its place. Then go to the variety of methods and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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So what are the latest fashion flubs in SEO fields? You already know the importance of quality content, so for the sake of this article we will focus on failures mainly by Website SEO.

1 Overuse of keywords

Keywords are an essential component of a great search engine optimization but at this time we are witnessing a massive overload of the key phrases in thousands of websites. This leads to an optimization of pages, this is obvious, it is a terrible user experience. Visitors are smart, they know when a search is being courted for their own participation. Use keywords in a precise and concise overview.

Two. Duplicate Content and Canonical

Most website owners are wise to understand the duplicate content is a big no-no, but the offense is still endemic.

Here are the steps to follow to ensure that he is not guilty of the charges:

Comb your own website to ensure that there is no duplication of content everywhere.

Use a site like Copyscrape search the web and see if the content has been has scraped.

If you have a need for duplicate content for any reason, add 301 redirects to your content so that Google does not read the two posts as originals.

Ensure proper implementation of the canonical tag (rel = canonical). This search engines that each page is original content. If you do not add this can lead to a significant decline in the SERPs through your website.

Three. Habits incorrect link

As key internal links are often exaggerated. You remember that when you use SEO tactics excessively, Google will likely find and assume that you're smart.
Internal links are important for credibility and a good user experience, but limit your links to 1-2 500 words in general. Also methodically used in the anchor text. This is a search engine offering direct communication, resist the urge to be creative and make each bar descriptive and concise navigation, and on this point.

Four. Problems with hosting and servers

If your website your rankings hosted on a server with several other URL Google may thing. Currently, it is recommended that you have your own dedicated server, not from the mistakes that have other affected do.

Make sure your cache and compression tools are in good shape, the response time fast enough. The important thing is to monitor the stability of its site and any significant downtime you should consider if you are looking for more than 24 hours down, the search engines will notice and may punish is. Stability is essential.

Five, Site maps and crawl-able website

It is very common to create for website owners a site map at the start, then quickly forget that it exists. It is crucial to with links to all global turning pages to get the sitemap upright. If you update the site map, do not forget to let the search engines know. Can go This ensures that all drivers are aware of their content, especially followed standard pages lost.
And of course you need your website to be traceable as a whole. It's amazing how many of them are not. This means that none of the pages are hidden on your website - that is, they are right on the ease of navigation related. If users can not find your pages, or you can do a Google search.

If you have content you want to keep, temporarily masked to prevent using robots.txt to crawling and indexing. Here is a quote from actual Google about how to use it properly:
"While not crawl Google or blocked index the content of the pages of robots.txt. Index Still URLs if we find it in other web pages. Consequently, the URL of the page, and possibly the publicly available information as anchor text in links to this site or the title of the Open Directory Project, can appear in Google's results. research completely to prevent the contents of the page from which the Index Google on the web, even if the sites that it , use a noindex meta tag or X-Robots-Tag. "

Six. The slow load times and poor usability

If you really want to see your SERPs collapse, creating a user interface that is confusing, complicated and slow to load. Page Speed ​​is not really important, as well as intuitive navigation. Studies show that less than 3 milliseconds to build engagement and trust with a new record. This means that the website is to communicate what it is, and clearly has quickly.
If your website does not pass this test, Google will notice over time. More importantly, as the user. If you do not do a good job to guide visitors through the perfect opportunity, your conversion rate probably reflect this error.

Then the clock rate for your website is required to load. Many argue loaded the validity of a site quickly, is the fact that although only a small percentage of sites affected by these statistics, it is absurd to have a slow website user point of view. Aim for a score of more than 90, and you can see a rise in the rankings - but surely see a lower bounce rate.
Remember - what is good for search engines is also good for the user to create a very easy to use, and is the win-win.

What are some of the biggest mistakes of SEO you have done in recent months, and how they implemented fixes for search engine optimization?
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