PayPal At The Pump - Shell Allows Customers To Pay With PayPal

We all know the pain of reaching the petrol station, only to realise we’ve left our wallets at home, and we’ve probably all felt the inconvenience of having to queue up to pay for petrol when in a rush. Thanks to Shell’s Fill-Up-and-Go service, these worries could become things of the past.
Fill-Up-and-Go is a mobile service produced by Shell that allows customers to pay for petrol from their mobile phones, without having to walk to the cash-out.  To use Fill-Up-and-Go, customers simply download the Shell Motorist App and synchronise it with their PayPal accounts.

To pay for petrol, users need only open the app and scan a huge, readily visible QR code, and voilĂ  – payment received. Hundreds of Shell’s UK petrol stations are soon to be fitted with this service, and some have already made the switch to mobile, meaning that customers can pay hassle-free and drive away happy.

Using The App:

Setting up and using the Shell Motorist App is simple. Using either an Iphone or Android device, download the app from the store and install, set up your PIN and link to your PayPal account. To use the app, head to any Fill-Up-and-Go –ready petrol station and enter into the app the amount of money you expect to spend on fuel, before scanning the QR code. Fill up your tank and drive away.

To ensure that you don’t overspend, once you reach your payment limit the pump stop dispensing fuel and the Shell Motorist App will confirm your purchase, sending you an online receipt. As for those with concerns about using mobile phones at petrol stations, there’s no need to worry. Most phones should easily be able to scan the QR codes from the car window, meaning that the whole process takes place in-car and your phone can be left inside as you refill.

Going Mobile:

Like much modern day technology, the fuel-buying process is moving to mobile for a faster, more efficient user experience. Fill-Up-and-Go is intended to offer a much faster refuelling experience than older systems which rely upon a card payment terminal or which expect customers to queue amongst those doing shopping to pay for fuel.

As PayPal’s mobile system is integrated with the technology in Shell’s petrol station stores, there is no need for any hardware change, which, it is hoped, will speed up the refuelling process. Once the Shell Motorist App has been used to make a payment, the controller at the station is automatically alerted that a payment has been received, releasing the pump.

Quick and Easy:

The simplicity and speed of the whole Fill-Up-and-Go process is sure to make it a hit with time-conscious motorists. For the cash-conscious, money can be taken either from a bank account, from a debit card or straight from your PayPal balance, making it easy to keep track of your finances.

Mobile phones are making life easier for many on a day-to-day basis, and once again it looks as though mobile technology is set to speed up and simplify another aspect of our lives – that of refuelling.
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