Download Robird Android Holo Styled Twittering for Android App

Robird - Holo Styled Twitter Client for Android phones

Google Play has a large collection of third-party Twitter clients. There are both free and paid applications. Robird are a new twittering for Android App , consequential Twitter, which is based on the theme Holo apk sytled. The application is gorgeous and is incredibly fast. The application loads your tweets in a few seconds and the gap between the legs is cute.

Robird - Holo Styled Twitter Client for Android phones

Robird features

Robird gives us the ability to automatically update a period.

Webcast of the Calendar tab and references so that you never have to upgrade. New tweets and mentions automatically from time to time to show.

TweetLonger TweetMarker support and synchronization.

TweetLonger links automatically renew in your timeline. You can read the full tweet 140 + characters in your calendar.

Is Robird available for free?

No, it is a paid app and will price at $ 2, the price is 120 INR Indian equivalent. Well, I would say that the application well worth the price in my opinion. The application is in an early stage of development and there are many other features that come soon Robird. And according to reports from Google Play, the next update will include multi-media account and the user interface of the tablet.

Before buying the application

If you do not know, not a problem when it comes to the use of third-party Twitter clients. Twitter has only 100,100 records third Twitter clients. This means that only the user program can be used 100 000 at a given time. This is one of the most common problems with Falcon Pro, which has about 1 million users.

Given Robird is a new Twitter client. It will not work over a large number of users at present and therefore seems pretty flawless.

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