New windows os windows 8.1 released check out new features

Microsoft launches Windows 8.1 Overview and you can give it a try right now.

Microsoft has released the new version of Windows 8 released yesterday at the Conference generation. It has everything you would expect from an incremental update, including a home button, new store, designed research more and more.

For me, the best part, what you can give windows 8 8.1 preview a try now - without a developer (as opposed to OS X Mavericks, for example).

How do i get windows 8 - windows 8.1 upgrade

"How do i get windows 8" - windows 8.1 upgrade

For starters, you must be running Windows 8. This is because you can upgrade to windows 8 8.1 through the Windows Store without any problems due to the installation of Windows. You can do this manually as ISO files will be available shortly, keep control of the download page on the website. The update is of course free.

The size of the update is 2.44 GB, which is probably not so great if you do not have a good internet connection. Otherwise, you must wait. There is also no guarantee that the operating system will be stable as it correctly identified as a "preview". So be sure to backup all your important files before proceeding.

There is a good promotional video is made ​​by Microsoft to display the new windows os that is windows 8 8.1.

These changes make Windows 8 really better? Would you like to try the preview? Then comment below.
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