Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates

Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates online for their special event

As rumors suggested, Apple has released many new and shiny products on your special event. Mini iPad introduced a smaller version of the original iPad. The Mac line-up is bigger than ever, with new mini i Mac, Mac and retinal new MacBook Pro 13."

Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates online for their special event mini i Mac

Mini iPad and fourth-generation iPad

 iPad Mini surprisingly, a tablet thinner, lighter and smaller. With the same resolution as the original iPad (which means that no fragmentation). It features a 7.9 "screen, which should be in your hands. A dual-core A5 chip, and support Flash socket instead of a Micro-USB port. In 3G and Wi-Fi only models.

The base model 16 GB Wi-Fi only costs $ 329, and the price increases by $ 100 for extra storage.

Mini iPad and the iPad updated with a full size A6X new chip. This is surprising because it is not mentioned in any of rumors.

Link: iPad and iPad Mini fourth generation

13" MacBook Pro Retina

The Retina display finally comes to the Mac Pro Book  13 "to 227 PPI, with incredibly fast flash memory, support PowerNap function and of course the very thin and light design.

Mac Pro Book costs $ 1,699 for the base model, which comes with Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. It's about $ 500 more than the basic non retina MacBook Pro 13 "

While flash memory and the retina are tempting, I do not really think it's worth it. In addition, many applications for Mac or for the retina are optimized. Another factor that is not very impressive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 as the GPU, Nvidia Apple should have considered instead.

Link: MacBook Pro 13" with retina

Mac mini and iMac

Office Mac fans finally had what he wanted - an iMac and Mac mini update. Although I have updated MacBook WWDC this year, Apple not talking iMac and Mac mini.

Both gave the third generation of Intel Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0 ports and the new Nvidia GeForce chips. iMacs have a new screen has anti-glare and is very thin.

The basic models of the iMac and Mac Mini will cost $ 1,299 and $ 799 are.

Link: iMac and Mac Mini

That's a lot of Apple products in a single event. Are you eager to get on one of them? Make a comment.
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