Facebook chat room will soon available for multiple chatting

Facebook is planing to launch Chat Room Feature

Chat rooms can soon be the future of Facebook.
According to TechCrunch to get the social network function tests in an attempt to "go viral" with the discussions and chatting of Facebook friends via chat rooms.

Facebook is planing to launch Chat Room Feature

Discussion forums allow members to "welcome" to the discussion, simply click on the "host chat" at the top of your homepage, sources told TechCrunch. Once a member clicks to host a chat all of the friends of the person can participate in the chatting or discussion.
Chat is hosted by default by News Feed, but the user can change the privacy level to their liking.

So far, the only text-chat support - no video, according to the report.
Facebook Chat is estimated maneuver the social network to promote the combined use of messages on Facebook, a platform that text, chat and e-mail messages in a conversation. The application is for a number of popular applications such as WhatsApp and Viber.
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