How to increase ram of android phone for fastest android phone

Increase RAM in Android with SWAPPER FOR ROOT in low ram android phones. Use of sd card as RAM, random access memory and get fastest android phone.

Another easy to use app that allows you increase RAM in Android is Swapper for root. You just need to go to market android Google play and download "Swapper for root" app (root für android) from there. Open the application once it gets installed and then it will ask you about the amount of RAM you want to get extended. Enter the desired amount of SD card and convert in to internal phone storage.

Increase ram in low ram android phones

Then let the swapper for root application create a ‘.swp’ file and increase the ram. Within a matter of few minutes, you will see getting your ram increased. Now you can do all that which you were unable to do with that old limited Ram. This app is one of the most best rated and easy to use app. It works like a magical tool for low internal phone storage phones.

Key Features of swapper for root, how to use swapper 2

Create, add and manage Swap memory file without swap partition on SD.

Reconfigure if you must change swap size.

Android >= 1.6.

Need Root and kernel swap support.

NO Need swap partition on SD!

This program do not partition the SD card. To check if ok, type 'free' on Terminal app!

Download swapper for root, swapper for root apk download.

 Swapper for root apk free download: Download swapper for root.
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