AT & T sells the Samsung Galaxy S4 active

AT & T sells the Samsung Galaxy S4 active.

AT & T exclusivity in the dust-and waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 active  sale in the United States. The phone was introduced to begin around the world earlier this month, and availability with the United States and Sweden.

AT & T buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 active

AT & T pre-orders since 14 June recorded with a promised ship date 21 June. As it turns out, when AT & T began shipping the Samsung Galaxy S4 active yesterday, two days in advance, and many users already with the rugged smartphone.

AT & T's website is still under pre-orders, but now says it is available on 19 June.

Additional markets will launch the Galaxy S4 active this summer.
Interestingly, Europe and Asia that the asset does not generate much interest as the Xperia Z is a lot of interest. Talk about it, in fact, one of the best selling mobile phones and many people, even before its release.
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