Vrus help symptoms that your computer is infected

Some symptoms that your computer is infected.

Virus - both real and virtual - have much in common. For starters, the two aspire to catch up. Smallpox, Stuxnet, Conficker or cold - We agree that, regardless of whether they are generally terrible in your body or your PC, the viruses. Second, while both types of viruses can be prevented with proper precautions, you probably choose a precaution in your life. And, finally, as the recognition of a viral infection in your body, if your PC has been infected, it is sufficient to know the symptoms. Just as Internet users concerned with the welfare of the community, we have compiled this list of the symptoms of computer viruses, to help diagnose problems that may occur.
The warning signs that your computer is infected.

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Remember these things? Dear God, so boring back in the day. One minute you mind your own business, talk to your friends with this new stuff online chat, then BAM! Beat informs a window that you are a million visitors to this website, and be sure to click here to take your claim in price!

Fortunately, those days are long gone. Most modern browsers also pop-up blockers robust so that pop-ups should not really be a problem now, if your browser is not current. The pop-up from time to time may still occur when you are clicking around in a shady location, but it is highly unlikely that you will find many of them online today. If you have found a large number of pop-ups while surfing the internet, it's probably just a reconfigure browser. Customize your settings and should disappear.
What you really need to worry if you still pop-ups while your browser is always open. If this is the case, it is very likely that you have a virus on your system. The most common are the ads that say something like "alarm your computer is probably infected with a virus" and offer free software to fix it. Please do not be a mindless and fall for it - just go to download other anti malware.

To get rid of the virus, get your hands on a tool to remove malware. We recommend that you use Spybot Search & Destroy (free) or Malwarebytes Removal ($ 25).

Hijacked accounts and messages you didn’t send

Real life, such as viruses, computer viruses are on a mission to spread and infect as many machines as possible, and best way to do this by using your e-mail, instant messaging or social networking accounts and send messages malware to your contacts. It is sometimes difficult to detect because most of us keep a watchful eye on our mailboxes, but rarely stops to check our shelves. More often than not, these messages ghosts intelligent friends they see in your in-box, account phishy something, and let them know that you have learned may have been hacked. Just keep an eye on the news on all platforms, and do not forget to change your password when you have any doubt or find something odd.

Warnings lock-down

So you are on your PC, do their thing and completion of the most adorable kitten ever GIF button. Suddenly a message on the screen looks official appears and informs you that your computer has been locked because of an illegal activity, you have to pay a fee in order to regain control over them. Do not worry, this type of message complete crap. I did nothing illegal - gif Kitty is not illegal! - Your computer is infected with ransomware.
Sometimes these messages are not yet official looking, but they are so old to say ransom notes. "We have taken control of your computer, paid leave and free" Whatever you do, .. do not enter payment information chances are slim that I control you, the worst thing is that probably will not be able to with a standard anti-virus software to remove the virus either - you need to keep, get a replacement AVG and Kaspersky.

Crashing, freezing and general slowness

Although system failures, frozen screens and slow process can be caused by a misconfiguration, it can sometimes mean that your PC is infected with malicious software. The best way to know if it's one or the other, is the speed at which you badly. If the computer has been getting slower over time and has now reached a point where it stops from time to time reached, it could be just because you were not performing regular maintenance of the system. Check out our guide to speed up your PC in order to help speed things up again.
If the computer was working one day and suddenly lazy, slow and unresponsive at night, then there is a possibility that malware is the cause. Viruses often tasks that require a lot of resources and make your system slower than usual. Try to open the Task Manager to see what works. If this does not work, read on.

The basic functions do not work

Most operating systems have a task manager that is used to see what you do on your PC at any given time. For Windows users, you can click the Control + Alt + Del while Mac users simply open to find Spotlight (Command + Space) / To open the Activity Monitor program. These tools allow you to see what programs are running on your computer, and you should always be able to access it. If for any reason you do not get you to your task manager (or other diagnostic tools) is open, it is possible that your computer is infected with a virus that does not want to see you.
When this happens, run anti-virus program if you can. If you can't (probably because the virus also blocks), then you will probably use it separately to a virus removal tool.

Nothing wrong

Although all rosy and equipment works well, there is always the possibility that your system host malware that you are not even aware of. In general, the most advanced virus, the more likely is an infection occur. Think about it - if you were a world class criminal, is a virus that people can identify and close easily design, and it will take some time to be invisible? Exactly.
Some of the most modern in the world viruses were found to have software that effectively removes other harmful files, to achieve what virus scanners are up send red flags. This doesn't stop cyber criminals to continue their game, it is likely that you will not even notice that your computer has a virus, so keep that in mind, should not always assume that you are not infected, simply because the system works well. At the end of the day, is the best way to give your PC free of malware to have regular checkups with a good antivirus program and always make sure the operating system is updated.
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