How to Speed Up Windows 7 PC For Gamming

Optimize Windows 7 Games performance

Windows 7 has much better performance in Windows Vista. But players or game lovers still facing a problem in online gaming and other games in Windows. This guide will help you to optimize Windows 7 for games and other issues common to freezing. Use the following steps would be able to speed up the operating system by eliminating food sources that are memory and processor. speed up pc

a) If you use normal SATA or IDE to replace the Solid State (SSD).

b) Update the system BIOS with the latest drivers for your motherboard.

c) Expand your computer's memory for better performance. In general, 4GB works for the game in order.

Disable visual artifacts (Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing animations in the Task-bar and Start Menu menus transparent glass, or hide tool tips enabled in the view, Fade or Slide, Fade out menu items found by clicking your shadows under windows, slide open combo boxes) and off without Aero transparency. Also, disable unnecessary animation.

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d) PC speed up Remove start-up programs.

e) One of the best options for storage devices to create the highest possible performance in order for the write-cache memory devices.

f) Disable unnecessary services running in the background, not because they are important. Of course, disable the thumbnail preview.

g) To defragment your hard drives.

h) Use the best registry cleaner for Windows 7 and PC-Optimizer.

i) For the analysis of malware and viruses from the system.

j) Update your video card and sound.

Follow the above steps would reduce the problems of Windows 7 with a delay and frost and can be easily played with a better performance.

But many players are not aware of an important aspect of the operating system, the Windows registry. Most problems with the games of Windows 7 are caused by corrupt entries in your registry. In this case you must use the registry repair registry cleaner for Windows 7 better and PC optimization software.
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