Apple released new version of os, OS X Mavericks at WWDC

Apple released OS X Mavericks at WWDC.

10th June was a great day for Apple. As everyone expected Apple iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 has been released and the event was exorbitant. In addition, they released iTunes Radio, the new MacBook Air, Mac Pro and more. This is very different from Apple, which will launch a thinner, lighter phone and call it a day.

The most exciting thing for me new version of os, it OS X 10.9 aka Mavericks, because I spend a lot more time to start on my Mac was a place Mavericks in California, and Apple has already called the big cats from OS X.

So that's what's new in the next version of the world's most advanced operating system for apple.

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Tabs Finder and labels

We close the first obvious. The tabs in the Finder has been rumored for some time. Because both the Finder and drag and drop that makes sense to focus on tabs.
The tabs in the Finder very similar to Safari. If you have multiple Finder windows, can be combined into one.

The next label. This is more than the function of a "power user. Keywords are an easy way to sort the files and allows you to search the files of a particular day in the Finder., You can add tags to a file of the window to the Save file to define. Additionally, you can search for specific tags in the Finder. Not sure Spotlight. Moreover, the labels are synchronized via iCloud.

Top Notifications

I love the Notification Center in Mountain Lion, and other developers to support applications, it is always useful. In Mavericks to act alerts! (Say, like Android).
So, you think you can now respond to messages, FaceTime calls, e-mails - without the application to open. It also opens a great opportunity for developers.

Sites can now messages even if Safari is not open. This is also good news for web developers. There is another little extra - if you put your Mac to sleep and back, now the message that you have missed list. Very pleasant.

iBooks, Calendar, and Maps

IBooks and Cards: Apple has two applications Mavericks called unexpectedly to life. This is a good day to buy all the books in the iTunes Store. The application is very stylish, too. It integrates study cards, you can highlight and take notes and much more.
The following cards. It is very beautiful and useless at the same time. It is beautiful because of features such as the bridge, especially when the application goes to full screen mode with multiple touch trackpad - the experience must be awesome. But, but, Apple's fix the debacle Plan.

The calendar app has received an update. It is, of course, because Apple has now passed on the terrible flat design and stitches in calendar. The last calendar looks clean and also has interesting things like Facebook integration.


This is probably the most exciting part for me, faster than, smoother OS X is always welcome. It seems that Apple has worked hard in the memory management in this version of Mac OS X

There are things such as timer coalescing memory pills, application for a nap and more. Nap app that I found interesting. Basically, it slows down all applications in the background and let the current application (about) more resources. Coalescing timer is set, the battery would increase by a good amount of storage and flexible tablet cause the movement of 60 frames per second.

Not sure if it affects the speed of the operation, but if this is the case, it is a very good thing.

And much more

To add this set of features, there is support for a more multi-screen Safari redesigned and the important support of iCloud. It's big enough, and it is basically killing one of the managers of the most popular words for Mac and iOS happen - 1 Password.

Usually substantial major update to OS X. It is not clear whether this update is at $ 20 than a mountain lion, or be available for free.

However, if you have an Apple developer account, you can download the beta version, new version of os and try it now.
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