13 Top Free SEO Power Suite Tools for website or blogger

13 essential SEO Power Suite Tools for website or blogger

In search of a good choice in the power of SEO tools to help you diagnose technical problems and to optimize your website, or maybe a glimpse of what your competitors are doing? Here are 13 SEO  tools (mostly free) to do just that.

Tools to improve your website

Even if you have little or no budget, you will still be able to with this powerful marketing tools search engine that comes courtesy of Simon Heseltine (@ SimonHeseltine), Director of Audience Development at AOL working. Heseltine announced its list of seo suite tools that you must use with SES New York participants last week.
13 essential SEO Power Suite Tools for website or blogger

1 Your Eyes

This seems obvious, but it works. Heseltine said to begin to get to a high level overview of a site for a site with the eyes.

See the source code and look for things like robots.txt. Go to see how the site works through the chimneys and streams. You should also look for things like false canonical tags or if images are not the word old parameters suitable concentrate.

Beginning with the use of his eyes really give you an idea of ​​where to start your SEO process.

Two. IIS SEO Toolkit

IIS SEO Toolkit is a free SEO tool is recommended to provide an overview. This allows to analyze the SEO aspects such as the content, the structure of your site and the URL of the search engines.

This tool also shows clearly the problems that have a place, as if the title of a particular page is too long or if a link on a page can be broken. The tool fails or products that need attention with a red cross, which is very easy, does see the problems that must be solved.

Another good reason to use this tool as it is a tool from Microsoft, it seems as though Bing crawls your site is. This tool can analyze up to 1 million pages, but Heseltine said that usually discussed between 20,000-30,000 pages of a website to get an idea.


Three. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO is a tool that can be downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac Spiders this tool things such as links, images and CSS from an SEO point of view. It also shows how topics 302S, you can quickly share with the developers to resolve.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can things like the page title, meta description and URL to export an Excel document, so you can get a better view of the basic recommendations. Although this tool is free, the paid version will allow you to crawl over 500 pages, and other features that you need.

Download Screaming Frog seo tool free

4th. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a robust set of tools for analyzing and linking follow any domain in granular detail. Among the highlights:

Site Explorer: Your Site Explorer tool allows you a deep insight into a URL can.

Keyword Checker: Majestic SEO, you can search for a word or phrase to the number of times it seems to be looking, plus it gives the volume data research mainly organic base.

Link History: This tool seo suite, SEO professionals to find the given number of backlinks to a domain, subdomain or URL.

Majestic SEO is great because you can see the connection profile that is so important because Google updates Penguin backlinks have more influence on the website. Although tools Majestic SEO has some free features, you are better off investing in the paid version you get much more from the tool.

5th Adobe web catalyst

Analytic tools such as Adobe Site Catalyst is a great place to see how your traffic increases from year to year and also keeps you informed of cyclic events (if the area is so sensitive.) This tool also allows you to find the profitable on a website and determine where your site visitors leave funnel, you can optimize the best of "stiffness".

DOWNLOAD Adobe Site Catalyst

6th Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that is highly recommended, because you can see how the different elements that you should consider when you are in online marketing. With this tool you will be able to understand how your website is doing from day to day, from month to month and from year to year perspective.

Other great things that you can see are elements such as traffic spikes. For example, if you write in a campaign, you will see the start and how it affected your site during and after. You can also see where people come to your site (referral traffic).

Although there are many other great articles that Google Analytics offers, is the only thing that is a little frustrating that "(not provided)" keywords. That's because the Google search queries encrypted, making it the safest research. It's frustrating because when you are logged into Google, you can be redirected to a secure SSL site, making up the cue.

7th. SEMRush

SEMRush is a good web tool to use when you do a search for keywords and more competitive. It gives detailed information about the keywords that drive traffic to your website information and also allows subscribers know keywords search rankings of your competitors and data traffic.

8th Google Webmaster Tools

Heseltine strongly recommended that this tool is not only free, but also allows you to see how Google sees your site and make you aware of issues amenities such pages 404 and if your site is infected with malware. Heseltine wrote a beautiful view in Google Webmaster Tools.

9 Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free tool that should be used, as it is to see you how the site from a standpoint Bing is possible. Heseltine wrote a good overview of Bing Webmaster Tools to guide you through the add, configure, and use the tool emotionally.

10th Set of SEO tools

Focusing on diversions will Heseltine Checker Website SEO tool within the toolkit. This tool checks the header and the server to recognize and follow redirects, and highlights problems with the performance of your website. It is also a tool that you can use when you see how your competitors are going to do.

SEO Book is another tool that you use, does the same in relation to the invitations can.


11th Google Trends

Google Trends is a research tool, free keyword allows you, what variations of a word or phrase that works well in this category to be seen. It is also an excellent tool for the content of brainstorming.

Google Trends is also great if you need help to create an optimized messaging advertising content. It also allows you to explore the seasonality, so you know, if a particular keyword can perform in front of others. It is also a good idea if you give to win a new vertical, some knowledge of the market.

Competitive Research Tools

Heseltine also shared tools that are ideal for competitive research. While ISS mentioned SEO Tool, SEMRush Majestic seo suite and more, others pointed to investigate.

12th Hitwise

Hitwise provides information within their ecosystem and also provides keywords in your space. While there is a free tool that recommends another.


13th You receive signal

The signal obtained can help you determine what your competitors are doing on the server (assuming they are on a dedicated server). For example, you can use the tool to see if you have defined a new sub-domain before it was launched, so the information is not yet public.

Heseltine also said that, in terms of getting more information about your competition, other things that you need to do is on your site and see the code to see how things are in the back end. You'll be surprised what can be found a little detective work.


Heseltine said, you should ensure that you have the right tools for your job and you need to keep up with what SEO tools appear in the news. Some free SEO tools also help to lose their effectiveness as change overtime rules and industry tend.

In any case, Heseltine always a good selection of machine tools of SEO, you can start to do a greater awareness of your site and your competitors.

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