Facebook adds video Instagram to encounter Vine

Facebook adds video Instagram to encounter Vine.

Facebook now has a Instagram of video, a new feature that allows users to create video of 15 seconds. 13 are filters to be applied to video before the release. This measure is intended to vines, which was acquired last year by Twitter.

Facebook adds video Instagram to encounter Vine

Vine allows users something similar and has become very popular Twitter users. Instagram for video has very good features such as integrated video steady-cam, the videos look better, even if they can be taken up by a cell phone.

If Instagram was acquired cards from Facebook, the first return stroke elimination Instagram Twitter. This allows users to preview photos on Instagram Twitter shared display. Respond Twitter have their own image filters integrated into their mobile applications. The popular service called Vine enable loads to 6 second video has been acquired by Twitter, and its growth is exponential although it initially only on the iOS platform.

Overall, I still think these videos are all style over substance. But given its popularity, it would be interesting to see if Google has similar plans with YouTube.

Try Instagram Video by updating the application on your phone. Or you can download at the following links. Do leave your comment below and tell us your views.

Download link: Instagram 4.0 Android | iPhone
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