Apple New IOS Beta 7 Review: Apple to repair a lot of things

iOS beta 7: Apple to repair a lot of things. Apple New IOS Beta 7 Review: Apple to repair a lot of things.

Apple has finally launched its long-awaited new generation of iOS at WWDC. Apparently because of rumors circulating for months, people expect a radical change - No wonder this event occurs in every WWDC.

But what is surprising is that this time Apple has actually delivered. iOS 7 is probably the biggest change in the mobile operating system from Apple.

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The most important innovation is, of course, the change in the user interface. Talking about design is how it started.

"How do you download ios"
 If you want to know how to download ios then simple visit apple app store to download the new ios or check for the apple updater to download and install the new IOS. 

If you are a former user of iOS, you will be surprised that there are faux wood, leather, mesh and other skeuomorphic be. The new interface is minimal, based on the content - it's great as a whole.

But it's buggy, it feels like the Apple design team was quick to ship this product. It feels great. Here is why.

Is not that exactly flat
This is not an error, it is the fault of the people.

Background design. If you want to know about the design, but very little to get the things, this is the best way to do this - call a flat design.

Low profile design is a trend in web and graphic design for a while, and there's nothing wrong with that. What stupid, but complain about as flat.

iOS 7 is not exactly flat design. Some reasons:

First, the design of the apartment, gradients, not in the picture at all. IOS 7 symbols have gradient background. Some of these gradients look lame, but yes, that's it.

iOS 7 is a new thing called Parallax effect - creates a 3D illusion on the iPhone during bending. No form of 3D illusions can flat design.

Transparency is ubiquitous in the operating system. Roll the Control Center and the colors of the rainbow as a transparent background. Once again, transparency is not flat in design. Therefore, Microsoft Windows Aero 8 is removed.

Now let's see where Apple is wrong.

The symbols are the worst iOS 7 There's just no sense of unity among them.
Discover mail icon - there is a gradient from dark to light blue (cyan) blue. Below you can see the icon for the App Store, gradient from light to dark blue.
Opposite gradients, seriously?

That's not all, she thought. Check the phone icon. There seems to be a solid color in the background, right? It is a pitch. A very subtle slope. Then there's the camera icon appears art.

The Actions icon appears as if the colors are reversed, and even Settings icon looks like a gear.

Apple said to have worked hard and done all these symbols into a new network
System, which is nice, but it just seems ugly.

Control Center
IOS Control Center 7 is very exciting. This is because you can quickly change the settings without having to open the settings. But we will see the design.
At first glance, it looks beautiful. If you look closely, you may receive a question that you are looking for an Android ROM. Because there are so many options in this window only.

There are two types of icons this - the first is circular, and the latter rounded rectangles. There are three sliders here. Three repetition. A brightness. One for volume. And the latest in music. Seriously, Apple!

Besides, who needs a camera when you lock the screen? Also, I have no idea what it means to the second icon from the last row. A timer can that be? N The Calculator application is pretty useless, too.

Also, because we are in the control center, it is important to note that the new Notification Center no solution for the small x. Have fun playing these little buttons.

Lack of consistency
You see only the design of the Control Center, now a look at the design of parts function.
Why icons such as the contours drawn? Why not as fillers such as to draw the Control Center? In addition, although the line width appears to be lower. The icon of the camera does not make sense, it's not like a camera look like.
There is no uniformity in the keys. Take the Photos application, for example, here you have Select and Share buttons in the top right corner. Yes, those are the keys, no text fragments (hello, Windows Phone). Buttons on iOS always used to be different - with a slope and shade. This makes it readily apparent. Anymore.

These buttons co exist with the keys using the "Install" in the App Store that look like old buttons.

At the end of the day, iOS 7 is still only a beta update. The design community is broadly in line with the iPhone, I'm sure (or at least hope) Apple take suggestions from them and fix things in the stable version.
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