10 Windows 8 key features- WIN8 win tricks and secrets

10 Hidden Key Features in Windows 8, Secrets tricks of Win 8.

Windows 8 is full of impressive features and handy shortcuts, but most of the people do not know about that it has known many useful options, less under the hood. Here are 10 secrets of Windows 8.
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10th Automatic Maintenance performed on a calendar

Windows 8 has a new feature that maintenance tasks such as automatic updates of the software security analysis and other diagnostic tests running daily. By default, it happens at 3 clock in the morning, or when you use your computer the next time the computer is idle. You can change center and tell Windows that allow the computer to perform these tasks in this action. You can also keep manually from the center of the action, if desired.

9 Customize applications in the search bar

When you start looking at the home screen, you will see a list of applications in the search bar. Click on one of them, and you will search for the same conditions of this application. They do not know is that you can modify this list, delete, and add applications in the configuration of Windows 8 Open the Charms bar (with Win + C), click Settings, and then click "Change settings of the PC." From there, select Search in the left menu, and disable applications you do not want to sit on this menu.

8 Enable hidden theme "Aero Lite"

If Windows 8 in the test phase, which had a "Aerolite" extra point, which took some of the features of Windows Aero transparent glass. However, the final version of Windows 8 has a much more fundamental question that the test is based, seems Aerolite longer but can still be found in the theme folder on your computer. With some adjustments, you can turn individual preferences. But not very different from the default themes, gives a slightly different look at the button bar title and some other small parts of the OS.

7. Activate animation secret home screen

When you first sign on to Windows 8, you get a new stream and animation of all tiles to fill the screen. But then the home screen has a much lower animation. If you want to enable the cooler animation for each version of the home screen, you can do with a simple registry tweak. You can also add some parameters of the animation as well, which is good.

6 Customize the icons in Windows Explorer

Note that in Windows 7 to create a library that had that ugly nondescript icon? And you had to go through a complicated process of change? Now, Windows 8, you can now customize your settings, the symbols of the library. Just click on the library, go to properties, and you should consider the option to change the icon to see the library as background. Bonus Tip: If the icon in Windows Explorer favorites on the road are in the sidebar, you can click on the sidebar to hide themselves (unfortunately you can not do the same for libraries, residential or other boring icons).

5 create and rename the group of applications on the Start screen

The first time, when the screen you will notice that some of their applications are in their own "groups". You can create your own groups by creating an application tiles on an empty spot on the home page, create your own group physical screen. When their group, said, "work", "games", and so on will call, you can do so by. Onto the small button in the lower right corner of the screen and right-click Groups.

4. Take fast Images

For a long time Windows has a screen shortcut absurd, in which you need to press the Print Screen button, then open a program like Paint or GIMP and paste it on your screen from the clipboard. Well, no more! Now, if you press Win + Print Screen (or Win + Volume Down in a table), you take a Windows screen capture on the screen and automatically save to the Pictures folder in PNG. Still not as powerful as something like Skitch, but if only the screen from time to time it is good to have a simple link to see integrated into the operating system.

Three. Set the number of lines in the home screen

By default, the Home screen of your screen filled with several rows of tiles, and can be mounted up to 6 lines. To reduce this, maybe you have a cool special funds, or their groups are not so big, you can change this number by editing the registry. Unfortunately this does not seem to let you pack more chips on small screens, but it's all a bit cold when you want your home screen a little more.

Two. Hide you jump your recent file lists

Jump Lists are a great addition to Windows 7, which has helped increase your productivity, but the "Recent Posts" feature was a possible privacy concerns, said that if there are documents or files that you do not want others know that you have seen. Windows 8 allows you to customize the list of shortcuts on Windows 7, so that the possibility of recently opened items and hide recently opened programs. To access the settings, right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and click the Jump Lists tab.

1 Get more out of your multiple monitors

If you have multiple monitors, you have probably noticed that the Windows taskbar on both screens. It's much more than that, but: You can Win + image with your current application to the victory of the left shift key + monitor face down to scroll to the right. Also, if you go to the bottom of my desktop settings, you can right-click on any customized wallpaper and select the monitor that you want it to look. Of course, if you like the old stuff, you can disable the taskbar double task bar properties.
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