Multi-device Norton 360 security Review

Multi-device Norton 360 security Review-A license, in order to protect all

I would say that today, most of us have more than our home computer (desktop or laptop). We now have smartphones (and even some smartphones on 1) more, tablets and more. As such, it can be a pain to think about a solution to protect all these devices from intruders, viruses and Trojans.
Multi-device Norton 360 security Review-A license, in order to protect all
You can always provide a specific solution for each device, or you can get all-in-one solution, Symantec Norton 360 multi-unit trust.

As the name suggests, a product Norton 360 multi-device on multiple devices under a license (up to 5 devices, to be exact) to be installed. This can be a combination of Mac, PC, Android smartphones and Android tablets. The license provides 1 year of coverage under 5 different devices. I think after the activation of the license Windows 8 on my desktop (yes, it works perfectly in Windows 8) could easily access my account and download Symantec + installation on my Samsung Ultrabook. It can not be easier than this.

Norton 360 multi-device not only to protect the system and eliminate the threat focus, but. Other maintenance such as backups of the scene, PC optimization and theft protection for tablets and smartphones.

Regarding protection, Norton 360 is a multi-device bombard you with all the extras, like the popular Norton AntiVirus (exploration detain and remove viruses), Norton Safe Web (gives an indication of a bad connection / safety results on the Internet) built Firewall (stronger than the Windows default), anti-spam (which works fine in my Outlook 2013 preview), anti-phishing, and more.

The integrity of the system can be scanned with a fast and full or custom scan. Norton 360 multi-device reports the perception of threats that have been identified and actions taken.
Norton Safe Web also protects the results of research on the net, so you even stop to go to a malicious site. They checked each result with a green "OK" label, if a site as safe.
Forgot to add, if it is good and has to manage Norton 360 multi-device a module called Norton Identity Safe, a password manager that allows you to manage your passwords safe while surfing and enter your login information.

Norton 360 multi-device anti-spam protection will keep you on a link in a fraudulent e-villain could cost you (ie if you do not think you'll be disappointed to receive an email from your bank account)! Suspected spam messages are identified as such by the "[Norton AntiSpam]" tag in the subject line.
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