Snapseed Best Photo Editing Apps For Andriod Ipad

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Some months ago Google bought in the implementation of most popular photo editing on the iPhone named Snapseed. Hours ago, as intended for a long time was launched the Android version of the application. More important than the application that has been paid previously in iOS platfrom and is freely available. Snapseed decided to give a little bit of for a test drive and I can support its boast to be the better photo editing app is certainly true.

Android Snapseed is a photo editing application free with Google+ integration. Use swipe gestures on the touchscreen to control the editing options using Snapseed Android.

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Snapseed basically allows you to edit photos by switching lighting, filters, add borders and set the brightness, contrast and more.
It may also perform a large number of adjustments to a photo, like crop, rotate and further details.

The actual winner is the blow using touch to control all changes are applied on an image. This is truly very intuitive and the best manner of the use touch UI in fact a Picture Editing application.

Ultimately, you can share the image directly into Google+ directly from the application itself. But we think that in Android (I have not tested in iOS) application can work with other applications to share a photo with Facebook, Twitter or even Dropbox.

Even though Snapseed is perfect for mobile phones. I think that what would really work better on tablet devices that might be all change in a managed photo.

Test Snapseed on your phone or tablet and put in a review.

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