Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touched record

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touch record $5,000,000!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has sold more than 5 Smartphones according to recent reports. Samsung confirms that Galaxy Note 2, it was sold over 3 million units in just 37 days. While Samsung has managed in the last years, has not seen its sales both in such a short time. The final number of sales in Europe and North America do not go over the next two months when the traditional shopping season.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touch record $ 5,000,000

Samsung Galaxy 2 has sold more than 5 million units in the last two months. The phone is extremely popular in the "phablet" category that falls somewhere between a phone and a tablet.
Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and a 2 that are its main products. Even though a lot of attention is paid to Galaxy S3 and is frequently compared to Apple's iPhone, Galaxy Tab 2 is greater or lesser a pioneer in the "phablet 'category.

Samsung has made a bet on the big screen on the right side. Nowadays. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, the Display Size in future versions of phones It could be because most cell phones are used to consume multimedia content such as videos that appears need a somewhat larger screen, a useful idea to be. 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini.

Are "Phablets" here to stay?

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 The phone has 5.5 inches screen size. It feels too big for a cell phone and not really convenient inside a pocket. 

That is, many of the phone those looking for something between a phone and a tablet preferred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 more if sold in large quantities, it appears that Samsung has made a good choice. Apparently "phablets" is here to stay, and we may see the same and more "phablets" as manufacturers are showing interest.
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