How To Uninstall Remove Microsoft Office 2008 2011 From Mac

Remove Office 2008/2011 for Mac full

If you feel that your Mac is running "slow" and if you have Microsoft Office installed, then you can try to remove Microsoft Office. Take it off (Microsoft Office) and my Mac has done all his speed back. To confirm this, my other friends also noticed a significant improvement in speed for the Mac when it is removed from Microsoft Office.

Remove Microsoft Office 2008

For Microsoft Office 2008 offers "Remove Office" Microsoft is a little tool called the "Program Files / Microsoft Office Tools 2008/Additional". At first it may seem entirely to eliminate the office to what the name suggests, but that's not true. They have released the official instructions of 2008 by an uninstall here.

Microsoft Office 2011

For Office 2011, Microsoft "Remove Office" no-tool! They have released the official instructions of 2011 by an uninstall here. I know the instructions are very long and tiring for the average user, but the official.

(Unofficial) Uninstaller Microsoft Office 2011

microsoft office removal tool

Unofficially, you can use a third party tool that I found here - was I found in my work done so I can not prove it. However, it seems to be working as suggested by many users.

Alternatives to Microsoft Office users

For Mac users, there are many alternatives. I found it very disappointing to be honest. Note not all about speed, only Microsoft Office. They have problems that are much more without notes for Microsoft Office anyway! For Word files, I'm a Mac "Preview" application as the default application to "open" documents. To "read" 99% of the time, I need only text files, which I am. When I try to "write" have, I prefer Google Docs. Where can I edit in Word files, or upload them to Google Docs or open it in LibreOffice need. Can I LibreOffice to PowerPoint and Excel files as well as to open. Sometimes breaking the Libre Office format, but occasionally they break format better than a slow Mac ever!
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