Basic Of Cloud Computing With Dropbox And More

What is a drop box. Basic Of Cloud Computing With Dropbox.
Cloud storage is not a new technology, but some people may be confusing to understand. Data storage "cloud" sounds like your data could be floating around the internet everywhere. Although their data are accessible on the Internet that actually residing in the massive redundant data centers. When data is stored in the cloud means that your information is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection and vmconverter.

Then you will know exactly where your information and who has access to it in the cloud computing services. know more about cloud computing. If you have Dropbox, a service of the most popular storage in the cloud, which is Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is stored in multiple data centers in the United States. Amazon S3 servers are safe and reliable. With multiple redundant data centers and operations, is more reliable as a backup to keep your home or workplace.

Dropbox and Amazon say that the data is stored in S3 completely safe, but you and I know it's as secure as the password of an employee who has access to it. There is always a possibility that data may be compromised by people. Yes, it's still pretty safe. But if you go to save sensitive data in any storage system in the cloud, you should make sure that you encrypt it first.

Now you probably want to know how difficult it can be done. It's actually very simple. We will also use Dropbox as an example. Go into your Web page and click the big blue Download Dropbox. Once the download is complete, click Open or Run. There are instructions on the screen, to be run. Make sure you select the option. Says: "I do not have an account on dropbox" They are then put in your name, e-mail address and password. Be sure to pick a good password - no fewer than eight characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, or even at least one number or symbol.

Do not use a password that you used before. Then select the size of the data storage required. I just choose to start the free 2 GB. Select a typical configuration, and then you're done. Moved! There is a short visit to using the product. However, the fundamentals that created a new folder called Dropbox folder on your PC. Now you can save and copy files into the Dropbox folder to store in the cloud. In addition, there is something you can configure synchronization - the tour takes you through the go for you.

One interesting thing that has cloud storage is connected to the computer after the files stored in the cloud, you have access to them wherever they go, as long as you have an Internet connection. Would you like to show pictures of your children or grandchildren to a friend at a party? Get your iPhone or Android phone (which is installed with the application drop box) and pull out the lovely pictures stored in the cloud. What? It is lunchtime at the office, and I wanted to work on your shopping list? Save it to your Dropbox account that come on your PC when you get home. It will also be on the phone when you're in business. How convenient is that?

Now that you have to lean on the cloud storage, and Dropbox, it is only a small step forward to buy you compared to some other cloud storage providers - Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSync.

cloud storage free offer

Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage space compared to 2GB you get with Dropbox.

 It is also relatively inexpensive to add additional storage space. Google introduced a new feature that lets you scan a picture or text in the image to see it and will be looking in the store. Are you religious to keep receipts? This might be too much use of this function.

SugarSync offers 5GB of free storage space.

 Only one of the benefits of your product is that you can select multiple folders to the cloud that can not synchronize the most. You can synchronize "My Documents" "My Pictures" and "Office" to make sure everyone is safe.

Microsoft SkyDrive provides free storage of more than 7 GB is also very cheap to upgrade.

 A major advantage of Microsoft products is the ability to edit and create Office documents on SkyDrive from the Internet. It is also very well integrated into Windows Mobile (I know this is what). My husband loves a Windows Phone and its integration with SkyDrive. The pictures it takes are on your phone to the PC. Nice!

Dropbox is probably the easiest to use, but if you go on your free 2GB is additional Google storage drive and a lot more expensive to acquire SkyDrive. For those with a lot of data to synchronize with the cloud SkyDrive is your least expensive option. And if you have multiple folders without having to sync to think SugarSync has what you need 
a drop box.
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