Top AI Android Assistant App For Android: Samsung Assistant Bixby Arriving

Best AI Personal Assistant apps for Android; Samsung 'Bixby' Coming soon. Siri and the latest Alexa made it possible for people to become familiar with the convenience of having a personal AI Android assistant, but in reality, a few still make use of their time-saving capabilities. However, Siri and Alexa are not the only AI assistants available and limited to Apple and Amazon respectively. Try any one from the following apps that are available for Android.

Top AI Android Assistant App For Android: Samsung Assistant Bixby Arriving

    Cortana Assistant for Android phones

    Users of Windows 10 are most familiar with Cortana. The AI, once reserved for Windows Phones, is now available for Android devices. Microsoft's Cortana was recently seen at CES 2017, citing AI will be incorporated into BMW and Nissan cars.

    Ozlo Android Assistant

    The AI uses a chat interface to perform tasks. Although AI can suggest a dozen things the user can choose, the interface requires manual input instead of using a voice interface. Although you can do more than what another AI can do, you have limitations because you can not send messages or manage schedules.

    Hound Android Assistant

    The SoundHound's Hound personal assistant works the same way as Google Assistant. You can send messages and make calls, search and navigate using GPS. The AI can also order a Uber as well as find and book hotels and more.

    Dragon Mobile Assistant

    Nuance AI is best known for its voice and text capabilities. It is sophisticated enough to compete with Cortana and Hound. In addition, you can send Facebook messages and send Tweets to your user. It can also learn the "voice footprint" of your user, making it comply only with the voice of its owner.

    Jarvis mobile Assistant

    Jarvis has access to the user's phone features, speeding up tasks such as turning on Chrome or playing music and transmitting the same via Bluetooth. Unlike other AIs, Jarvis can link specific reminders to a particular contact. AI is said to be pretty "witty," according to Slash Gear. Jarvis should not be confused with Mark Zuckerberg is currently developing Jarvis, with the voice of Morgan Freeman.

    BONUS: Samsung Bixby Android Assistant is the Samsung AI input that is said to be introduced into the Samsung Galaxy S8. Initially named Viv named after Viv Labs Inc., which Samsung recently acquired. Dag Kittlaus, Siri co-creator, previously operated Viv Labs. "Bixby" is touted to be the replacement of Samsung to S Voice and a response to Apple's Siri. As a result, the use of AI will extend to home appliances and portable technology, according to Reuters.
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