How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone With Google or With Other Apps

How to find lost or stolen Android phone? One of the worst things that could lose your phone or someone can steal your phone. When this happens, you want to know how to find your device or erase your personal information stored in the device. We created a tutorial on how to find lost Android mobile phone through Google, how to set up Android device managers and applications from third-party providers which can help find the missing device.

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone With Google or With Other Apps

How to find lost or stolen Android phone with Google

If you lose your Android phone, you can locate it by clicking on your Google account from a computer or another phone.

1. Start your favorite web browser on a computer, cell phone or tablet.

2. Go to the Google Homepage

3. Search find my Android phone in the Google search box.

4. Open the Android Device Manager.

5. Enter your e-mail address and password.

If you want to track your lost or stolen Android phone, you have three choices to choose from:

1. Even if your phone is silent, you can make your phone ring loudly.

2. You can lock your phone so that the person can not access your phone or Android tablet.

3. You can also delete all personal data on the phone.

How to set up Android Device Manager

If you have a new Android phone, you can find the Device Manager in the Settings application. Of course, if you can not find it on the phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Before you can manage the Android devices, you need to make sure it is turned on in your device and connected to your Google account. Open the settings for your device. Press Security. In Android Device Manager, the switch remotely locate this device and enable or disable remotely lock or erase.

Find your lost or stolen Android phone with third-party applications

Where's my Droid app - Where is my Droid Android app, it's easier to track your lost cell phone. Some of the features of the application are able to find your phone in the ringing, which locates the phone's GPS position and erase the data on the phone.

Lost Android App - Lost Android give you the opportunity to remotely access your lost Android phone through their website. If you are afraid that your phone will never be returned, you can delete personal information or send a message to your phone to see if anyone can find it and return it.
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