5 Amazing Things Your Tablet Can Do That You Do Not Know

5 things you do not know your tablet can do. It is hard to believe that the first iPad was released in 2010. We use tablets for entertainment, work and even pay for a mocha at local coffee. The device, which once looked like science fiction, is now an integral part of American households.

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Here are five things you do not know your tablet can do.

1. Use your computer from your tablet

Desktop computers are a two-edged sword: they are strong and have large screens, but they also tend to sit at one place. What happens when you are on the road, and you need to consider some files that are sitting at your desk at home or in the office?

This is not a problem if your Tablet PC or Mac is loaded with Splashtop. Just download the free Splashtop Streamer and install on your desktop; Then get the app for iPad and Android; Next, please create an account for both remote devices and log in. This way, you can have the tablet on a beach and look the desktop of the computer at home.

The application costs $9.99 and an annual subscription costs $16.99. For people who need to travel a lot or need regular access to files and software that are not portable, Splashtop software is a must for them.

The latest operating system of Mac, Sierra, also has a feature that allows you to keep your files and office documents in the cloud (via iCloud drive), and access files on it on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Transfer your files wirelessly from your tablet to your computer

Have you ever emailed a file, like a photo or a document on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad, also sitting on your Mac? Yes, I have it, too, like almost all Apple users do. This is because the use of e-mail files moving works pretty well as long as the file is small enough to be attached.

There is another great way of sharing files for iPad owners who can start called Apple AirDrop. To enable AirDrop on an iPad, slide your finger on the home screen to access the system control. From there, you can configure AirDrop. The new Mac computers also have this capability, and you can find this feature in the Finder.

AirDrop is a particularly effective way to share photos with friends or to any person who uses an iPhone or iPad and on AirDrop.

Android tablets have an almost identical system in a third-party application called Airmore. You can move music, movies, photos and apps from the Android tablet on any device compatible with this app.

3. Turn the tablet into a powerful remote control

Some tablets are made with TV in mind. The Galaxy Tab, for example, has a built-in infrared transmitter that can be used as a universal remote control for TV. Like your old remote, you need to point the tab directly to the TV.

The iPads and Androids do not have an IR transmitter, but if you feel comfortable, you can buy an external transmitter that looks like your headphones and can be connected to the audio jack.

It is a challenging way to control your TV with a smartphone. You can invest in a Harmony Home Hub or Bluemoo that is designed to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control. You can not only change the channels on your TV, but you can enable any Bluetooth device in your home, including speakers, intelligent lighting and security devices. And best of all, you do not have to point your tablet to anything, you only need to be in Bluetooth range.

4. Stream your photos and videos on the TV

Many smart TVs already give you access to YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr, so you can easily upload your online content, including home videos and view them on your TV. But with the tablet, you do not have to use these services.

For example, if you have an iPad and Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to project your tablet screen on the big screen. Just slide your finger from bottom to top and you will see the AirPlay icon. If you do not have an Apple TV or if you are not near a Wi-Fi signal, we can find a VGA adapter and plug your iPad directly into the computer. For Android users there is another option: you can use an application called allcast that can connect your Android phone to many different services like Amazon TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

5. Tune your guitar with a tablet

Guitar Tuna, a free app for iOS and Android gives you a tablet guitar by using your built-in microphone to your iPad or Android-Tablet, the guitar tuna is fast, accurate and easy to use. In addition, it works with all common instruments based strings, guitars, and basses with ukuleles and mandolins. The application also has advanced tools such as a metronome, guitar tools and alternative guitar chords to learn.
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