Download and Use Top Windows 10 Apps On Android and iOS Phones

Download these applications for your iPhone and Android to be compatible with Windows 10. So just turn off the Windows platform from Microsoft, or you just got a new Surface Studio and are interested in testing the Windows ecosystem once again. While the Windows Phone is no longer an option for most people, this does not mean that you can not enjoy Microsoft applications and services on your android and iOS devices. On both iOS and Android, the firm offers a lot of applications available so that Microsoft fans can bring their devices to a Microsoft "stock" experience as much as possible.

Download and Use Top Windows 10 Apps On Android and iOS Phones

This is what you should install.

Arrow Launcher

On Android, Microsoft offers a launcher replacement application known as Arrow Launcher. Apart from being the typical launcher with customization features and a drawer application to boot. Microsoft's Arrow launcher makes it easy for you to contact people who are important to you, track your notes and documents, and even track files you've worked with recently, all from the Home screen.

Download Arrow Launcher from Google Play


Microsoft's note-taking service is available on both iOS and Android, with unique features for each. On iOS, you can start capturing notes on any screen simply by passing the notification center and participating with the OneNote Widget. On Android phones, Microsoft offers an emerging bubble, similar to Facebook's chat headers, which allows you to add notes, take lists and capture photos quickly in the application.

Needless to say, these applications also sync with your Windows 10 device and should allow you to keep your notes intact from one device to another.

Download Onenote Google Play | iTunes


With OneDrive, the main attraction for mobile users on iOS and Android is the ability to keep your photos synced with your Windows 10 PCs and Android devices. Of course, Google Photos is a pretty amazing service, but Microsoft's OneDrive backup offers 1 TB of backup if paired with an Office 365 subscription, with the added benefits of coming with a native application for Windows 10, in addition to Be integrated with the Microsoft Photos application.

Download OneDrive Google Play | iTunes

Groove Music on Android and iOS

Microsoft recently upgraded Groove Music on iOS and Android with feature parity with the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile applications. The application offers cured playlists, playlists generated by algorithms and more.

Although it can not fully compete with native services like Apple Music and Google Play Music in platform integration, Groove Music is quite competitive in its own niche, especially for users who mainly organize their music on PCs.

The ability to store and synchronize your library transparently between your PC and mobile device through OneDrive will surely be useful for more than a few users.

Download Groove Music Google Play | iTunes

Skype / Skype Mingo (Android)

If you are a fan of All in One messaging services, Microsoft Skype is doing its best to be the service you are going to use.

On Android, the firm has introduced a new application - Skype Mingo - that allows users to make use of native telephony functions such as SMS and regular phone calls through the same interface. Microsoft also plans to integrate Skype with SMS into PCs via Skype relay, a feature it has already implemented on Windows 10 phones.

 Download Skype Google Play (Skype Mingo) | iTunes

Swiftkey / Swiftmoji

While Wordflow is not available everywhere, Microsoft has two powerful keyboard applications for Android and iOS in the forms of Swiftkey and Swiftmoji. Both offer powerful algorithms for predictive text, theme support and gesture writing.

Download Swiftkey Google Play (Swiftmoji) | iTunes (SwiftMoji)

How do you use Microsoft applications on your iOS and Android devices? Let us know in the comments below.
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