Top 10 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that You Should Know

Windows 10: The top 10 Windows 10 tips and tricks that you should use. controversial Microsoft operating system reached its first year of life - here so are some of our tips and ltricks to get the most out of Windows-10.

Since its launch in July, the latest Microsoft operating system has been installed around the world on more than 300 million devices.

Top tricks, hidden features and tips of windows 10

And be mandatory with the software upgrade earlier this year before a major new update next month, so it seems that there would soon be no escape from the Windows 10 for the Windows OS users.

But do not worry - here are some of our top tips to ensure that you will become a master of Windows 10.

Double (or even quadruple) screening in Win 10

Let's face it - we are doing all more than ever before. The rise of computers to be carried out, but fortunately there is a simple way to get all the information you need on one screen, and is very easy to perform more complex tasks we use on our devices.

If you are in the desired program, simply press the Windows key and one of the four arrow keys to move the window to one side of the screen.

Windows 10 then look resize the size automatically to other open applications or programs that are running, it is an excellent shortcut to make effective work.

And you can open up to four windows at once, so that multitasking is now easier than ever.

Reach tto your shortcut faster

If you are too busy to go through the normal method of selecting the best programs in the Start menu, there is an even faster way to see your shortcuts.

Simply click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen and Windows will show you all list of shortcuts on the screen from where you can access almost everything you need.

Clean up your start menu - and the size too

Windows 10 brought a number of the most popular features in earlier publications, including a start bar which contains all the shortcuts and programs that you need in one place.

But sometimes it can be a bit too full so trawling through many options to find the app you want.

To solve this issue simply goto Settings> Personalization> Start from where you can reduce the number of applications and the icons that appear on the taskbar.

If you want to do the opposite and increase the number of icons that appear on the taskbar, which is also within easy reach - simply place the mouse on the edge of the bar until the expand icon appears that allows you to drag the window to the desired size you want.

Share your gaming with the world

Microsoft Windows 10 software is becoming more powerful to date, which makes it ideal for online gaming.

With an increasing number of players who want to show their skills on YouTube and other sites, video streaming services have become increasingly popular, and Windows 10 also has a hidden service inside.

However in 10 windows, it's easier than ever for gamer to share their skill with the world, such as pressing the Windows key + G opens a game menu tasks with the ability to capture screenshots and feature to record games.

Recorded videos can be sent directly to your application for the Xbox, but also to your Video> capture folders are stored.

Streamline your reading in Microsoft Edge

Among the number of new features in Windows 10, a new Web browser included replacing  the much maligned Internet Explore. So, you can now surf the web with brand new and good inbuilt Web browser Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft's new browser has endured a pretty hot start in life, despite numerous statements of the company that this is not the case, but the edge can be a useful trick in your hands.

The browser has a secret "Reading Mode", which virtually eliminates unnecessary waste on a site presented to be read in a simple format with the main text of a web page.

To activate, simply click on the little icon of a book ilocated on the left of the star in the upper right corner and click once more to return to normal view.

Stream your videos from a PC to the TV

Another hidden useful feature in Microsoft Win 10 is that you need not have to spend hours connecting a YouTube video on your TV.

The new browser has the option of a video on your TV or other display that is "cast".

To send a video to your TV, open that in the edge, then click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the browser. A drop down menu will appear; click the cast media to device. After a while, a black screen with the names of all devices / DLNA Miracast nearby will appear. Simply select the one you want, and after a few minutes,  you should be abled to start playing.

kickstart Cortana

Cortana was another milestone for Windows 10 because Microsoft has the power of artificial intelligence on the desktop for the first time.

Able to provide a wide range of tasks to be carried out by research advice, Cortana has proved invaluable for many users, and it's an even faster way to ask your computer for help.

Just press the Windows + C to open Cortana in a new window, and type away - or even directly speak by saying, "Hey Cortana."

Virtual Desktops i Win 10

If you are using multiple monitors in work, or if you want to have a multi-screen disply, while playing games or movies, you may feel a bit limited if you only update to Windows 10.

However, help is at hand, because you can use your multitasking needs by creating "virtual desktop" so that different screens are available for each of the multiple screens.

Simply click the Windows key + Ctrl + D to create a new virtual desktop and Windows + Ctrl + F4 to close the virtual desktop.

You can navigate with the arrow keys of Windows + Ctrl + left / right between the windows.

Locate your lost device with Windows 10

Microsoft developed Windows 10 to use in all smartphones, tablets laptops, desktops, and what is even easier to switch between the devices, but also link your devices together.

This feature Continuum also makes it easier to find lost devices, Windows 10 acts like a central hub which can show you the last known position of your lost device.

The tool find my device, can be accessed by clicking start> Settings> Update and security> Find My device.

And kill time with an old favorite

If modern games a little too tight for you, Windows 10 allows you to play the oldest school game.

Microsoft version of solitaire joined the legend of the game, with countless hours of work lost during simple card game - and the good news is that  it is still in Windows 10.

However, it was disguised as something for a new name receives the new design of the Microsoft application to meet.

Just look Solitaire with Cortana or you may find the game in all applications under the name "Microsoft Solitaire Collection Preview".

Are these good? Do you have to share any top tip tricks tips about windows 10? Tell us in the comments!
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