How to Charge a Battery Quickly the Best Way to improve the Battery Life and Performance

6 tips to prevent damage to the battery during charging the phone. We know a lot about smartphones. But it is still a component inside, which remains somewhat mysterious. Such is the battery. Why phone battery drains sometimes much faster? Why battery becomes too hot during charging? What is the battery life of a phone? For consumers, it's hard to get definitive answers to these questions because the battery performance depends on a phone and many other factors, including the temperature and the intensity of the ambient cellular signal.

However, here we will give you some tips and tell you how to charge a phone quickly and properly. This is what Google says about the phone and the best way to improve the battery life and performance.

1. Only use the charger that is built for your phone and comes with that. Google says by using another charger may damage the phone or the battery and also charge slower than the original phone's charger.

2. There is a saying that when you get a new phone, you need to calibrate your battery. Google says it's rubbish. "You don't need to tell your phone how much capacity the battery has by going from totally charged to totally drained".

3. You must keep your phone cool and must avoid its overheating. Heat is an enemy of the battery. Heat discharged the battery more quickly and sucks his life. Thus, according to Google, avoid situations in which the unit may overheat. "The battery will drain more quickly in hot weather, even if you do not use it, and may even damage the battery. Note that the unit is hot when plugged in, so try not to plug in your device all the time", according to the company. At the same time, we believe that this advice is especially important in places like Delhi, where the temperature can reach 40 degrees in summer when you are not in a cold room with AC.

4. Try to keep the battery half full. According to Google, For the best battery life, try to keep the battery charged more than 50 percent as much as possible to improve battery life and performance.

5. You should give your phone battery bites regularly. "Small loads during the day are best for the health of the battery and also for the life of the battery. When loaded from zero to full then can suffer completely emptied regularly," explains Google.

6. When you need to store the phone for a long time. In these cases, Google believes that the phone with the half full battery must be stored.

So, these are simple tips on how to charge a phone quickly and properly and the best way to improve the battery life and performance.
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