17.3 Inch Kitchen Tab Alcatel xess Tablet/ AIO Going to Launch in US

Huge Alcatel xess Tablet / AIO is going to launch this month in the United States at a price of US $499 and can be "the perfect accessory for the kitchen." A tablet made especially for the kitchen may seem a bit exaggerated, but Alcatel xess Tablet is going to change our kitchen.

However, it is not just a tablet. It's a huge tablet. In a huge size of the 17.3-inch screen, the Xess is nearly five inches larger than 12.9 inch Apple iPad Pro.

17.3 Inch Kitchen Tab Alcatel xess Tablet/ AIO Going to Launch in US

The nearest competitor of Xess is Samsung Galaxy View and has an even larger 18.4-inch screen. Unlike the Samsung device with a handle on the back so that it can be moved, but the oversized tablet of Alcatel lacks this feature and is meant to stay in the kitchen.

Labeled as the "perfect 17-inch kitchen accessory". At this size, Xess blurs the line between a tablet and All-in-one PC (AIO).

Xess tablet PC has a full HD display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, a 64-bit MediaTek MT8783T eight cores processor running at 1.5GHz with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of memory which can be expanded with a microSD card and two JBL speakers of 3-watt.

It will also include a remote camera that can be placed anywhere in a house and can be controlled by Xess tablet. Xess is powered with a huge 10,000mAh battery. However, you can also connect it to an electric socket in the kitchen.

"We as a company committed to expand the scope of our use of the technology and how it can bring a better experience and value to our customer's lives, and with Xess tablet PC, we provide a major hub kitchen, which allows more users connected with each other, content they want and content they need, "said Steve Cistulli, President and CEO of Alcatel North America.

The price $499 is a bit hefty for the big tablet PC, but Alcatel is convinced that there is indeed a market out there for Xess tablet PC. Xess will be available for sale on 22 April.
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