How to remove virus from Android phone or tab without antivirus

How to remove a virus from Android: Remove a virus from your Android phone or tablet.

Android viruses are very rare, but they also exist and can infect your smartphone or tablet PC. But don't worry here's a very simple method to remove a virus from Android, if you think your phone or tablet is infected with a virus.

How to remove a virus from Android: Remove a virus from your Android phone or tablet.

If you believe that your Android phone or tablet is infected with a virus then the good news is that it is easy to remove. Here's how to remove a virus from Android. You can also checkout the best antivirus for Android in the GooglePlay store.

First, it is worth noting that it is unlikely that your Android phone or tablet has a virus. What is more likely to see is an ad that wants to convince that Android is infected and you need to download an application, or an emerging dodgy, or maybe the device is simply misbehaving. But there are viruses for Android. If you are sure that your device has one, here's how to remove it.

All Android virus is delivered through the applications installed on the device, so if your phone or tablet does not have a virus, the best way to prevent getting one is never install software outside the application of Google Play Store . Open the Settings menu, locate the security option, then ensure the option allow installation of applications from unknown sources is deactivated.

If you are determined to install an application from outside of Google Play store, do your research. Check your permissions (VCR does really need to see your contacts?), Search online for reviews and have a good look at the developer's site to see what else offers.

You can also install an antivirus application, and plenty of free antivirus for Android applications available that can detect and remove malicious applications, for example 360 ​​Mobile Security, Avast and Lookout. They include a scanner application you are looking for something dodgy, but note that these applications can also trigger false positives - the reporting of an application that has been using for months as the malware when you know is right. In most cases you can simply ignore these alerts.

If you think you have a virus on your Android phone or tablet - perhaps one that resists their attempts to uninstall the associated application or even allow you to bypass the lock screen - a factory reset will remove it, returning the device to the factory reset state. But in doing so also it means you lose everything on your phone that is not supported. Instead, follow these steps to remove a virus from Android.

How to remove a virus from Android

Step 1. Put your phone or tablet in safe mode. This prevents any third-party application running, including any kind of malware. On many devices, you can press the power button to access the power options, then press and hold to display the Shut Down option to restart in Safe Mode. If this does not work for your device, then you should Google How to put [model name] in safe mode 'and follow the instructions. When in safe mode you'll see 'safe mode' in the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2. Open the Settings menu and select Applications, and then make sure you are viewing the Downloaded tab. If you do not know the name of the virus that has infected in your thoughts Android phone or tablet, go through the list and look for any dodgy looking or something you know is not installed or unnecessary running on your device.

Step 3. Click on the malicious application (clearly not going to be called "virus Android Dodgy ', this is just an example) to open the information page of the application, then click Uninstall. In most cases this is all you need to do to eliminate the virus, but occasionally you may find the Uninstall button is grayed out. This is because the virus has given himself the status of Device Manager.

Step 4. Exit the Applications menu and tap Settings, Security Administrators devices. Here is a list of all the applications on your phone or tablet with administrator status. Simply uncheck the box to the application you want to delete and then tap Deactivate on the next screen. You should now be able to return to the application menu and remove the application.

Step 5. With the virus now out of your Android phone or tablet, all you need is to reset the device to remove it safely. Now it is working correctly is a good time to back up any important data you have stored on your device, and install an antivirus application for Android to protect them from any future viruses that come in your way.
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