Microsoft Surface 3 best windows tablet pc for students and professionals

Microsoft Surface 3, a new top Microsoft's Tablet PC. Microsoft made a new announcement today, the announcement of the new surface 3, a new, thinner, smaller, lighter, and slightly less powerful addition to the tablet-pc line. The idea that the device is a friendly and elegant cheaper machine for students or mobile professionals.

Microsoft Surface 3 best windows tablet pc for students and professionals

The surface 3 is cheaper, priced at $499 for the 64GB model. Sporting a slightly smaller 10.8-inch screen and a battery that claims 10 hours of video playback on a single charge. The tablet also works with Windows 8.1 that comes with a one year subscription to Office 365 for free.

The 64GB model comes with 2 GB of RAM, but Microsoft claims it can double the storage RAM and storage space for just $100. Another nice addition is the 4G LTE will cost another $100 for wireless activity. Of course, this does not include the keyboard, which comes with a price of $129, but older keyboards of the surface will remain usable. Experts believe that this tablet is aimed for the students, or young professional. The new models come in bright colors (bright red tomato, a dark burgundy, light purple and blue). The models also come in classic slate gray and dark for the most serious professional blue.

The surface has a considerable weight, 1.4 pounds (.635kg) compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which weighs 1.12 pounds (.510kg) and Apple iPad Air 1.03 and 1.05 pounds for the Wi-Fi and 4G + Wi-Fi models (.469kb and .478kg) respectively. This can be a factor for people traveling with their device, but for others it will not be a problem since the weight is relatively standard for a tablet of this capability.

The device is intended to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 when it releases almost all Windows programs can also run. It also uses the same charger (micro USB) all non-Apple mobile devices used. The 8-megapixel rear camera and 3.5 megapixel front camera are nice for capturing photos on the fly, and can shoot HD video in 1080. Pen mark the surface is, of course, included and said that work on both the Surface Pro 3 and the new surface 3. The pen can be used to write, capture screenshots, highlight text, and launch OneNote among other applications.

Microsoft pre-orders are accepted in a release. The product could help Microsoft to increase unit sales in the current quarter.
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