How to watch IPL online, stream IPL on your smartphone, tablet PC

How to watch IPL 2015 online, Live Stream IPL 8 Free on Your Smartphone or Tablet PC. IPL 2015 started on Wednesday with Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians taking IST 20:00 Eden Gardens, and if you're not near your TV at the match time, the good news is there an easy way to see the action, free, thanks to the Internet.

This year the digital rights to broadcast IPL were auctioned again and were acquired by the Star of India, and IPL can be seen in the new digital video platform company, Hotstar.

How to watch IPL online, stream IPL on your smartphone, tablet PC

As we noted in our opinion Hotstar, this is a good looking application that is easy to use, but one thing that is strange is that while there is an app for the iPhone, there is a version of the iPad, and therefore have to put up with a slightly blurred interface if you are using it to watch videos on your tablet.

Looking for an application
You can download Hotstar on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and watch the IPL using the free application. There is no registration and no fees, plus data costs, of course.

To see cricket in Hotstar, just start the application, then slide your finger left for sports and tap the thumb IPL. At this point, you can see previews of the parties and team profiles, and the parties themselves available as a livestream. We used Hotstar either a mobile data connection and Wi-Fi faster - the application adjusts the video quality based on the strength of their connection, but in Delhi, at least, irregular 3G means you're much better with a broadband connection.

Apart from the Hotstar application, Star India has another application that is only for the observation of the IPL. It has the same contents preview and image quality are equal, so this is most likely only the Hotstar application without any distractions. What is really great if the IPL 2015 is the only reason that you download the application at all.

If you're only interested in following the IPL on your phone or tablet, just download Star Sports Pepsi IPL 2015 in Android, or Star Sports: Results and Pepsi IPL Streaming for 2015. Despite the names, both free apps include not 2015 IPL streaming only, but also match schedules, statistics, and also the live broadcast to other sports like football, F1, badminton, tennis, hockey and kabaddi.

To use, just start the app, and click the Live Video button. As Hotstar, this is also free to download and use, plus data charges.

Watch IPL 8 at a computer
To view the IPL 2015 on your computer, all you have to do is visit the Pepsi IPL Livestream in Hotstar website.

We saw a bit on our computer, and while there are some buffering and pixelation when the video is loading, once it starts playing was perfectly smooth playback without interference. If you're stuck late at the office with some emergency work, and can not convince the boss to put a TV in front of his desk, then this site is your best bet.

Are you planning on watching the IPL 2015 online, or will be heading home in time to take action? Tell us what you're thinking watch the games (or if you do not watch the cricket and can not understand why the fuss) through the comments.
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