Verizon Launches PlayPhone games portal Technology

Verizon Launches Technology PlayPhone games portal

Verizon is preparing for a game portal on your network, start the technology of the mobile platform PlayPhone for social gaming uses.

PlayPhone San Francisco, announced today that its Software Development Kit is the backbone of a portal to launch new Android games in the Verizon Wireless network. The portal will Verizon broad exposure for mobile game developers around the massive distribution network and effective monetization. The company made the announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

To get their games on the site, the SDK, developers can PlayPhone that track a user on Android Smartphone and play with friends or premium allowed against him.

"PlayPhone SDK developers with powerful social gaming provides discovery - Advice social games, friend invites, leaderboards, achievements and offers - to discover on viral games," he said in a blog PlayPhone "Adding Verizon network size, and the portal vein distribution games. , fueling the exponential growth of the Games. "

As indicated above, launched PlayPhone its smartphone social gaming network in December 2011 and increased again in July 2012. A bought the company in March Social Hour Mobile Marketing for $ 51.5 million in stock.

PlayPhone entry make the market more attractive for developers and consumers, the company hopes to differentiate the game multiplatform, payments and social functions.

PlayPhone has created a free-to-play app that runs on Apple iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms. The application allows players to socialize with others and play online multiplayer game also has various types of smartphones and tablets.

Can play a user with an Android phone poker table PlayPhone same as someone who has an iPhone. You can send messages to each other and talk back and forth. You can even log in through Facebook and get quick access to all games. You can also use poker chips in the Apple App Store via in-app purchases or other payment options for PlayPhone.

PlayPhone has its own virtual currency (play credits), and the user can access options for operator billing payment number, even in a closed platform like Apple iOS. You do not have to leave a party to pay for a virtual good. Czerny, said the company has business world to more than 100 carriers. PlayPhone is a preferred billing directly connected to both AT & T and Verizon in the United States

Gree and DeNA Good / Ngmoco a solid foundation in Japan, PlayPhone founded much later and have fewer users. However, the company started its mobile social network in 2010 to build. Gree has recently closed its platform OpenFeint, angered many developers.

PlayPhone has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Menlo Ventures, Cardinal Venture Capital, Coral Group, wide risks and partner.

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