Reliance with FB launched free internet service in India

Facebook with Reliance launched a free unlimted internet service in India.

Facebook with Reliance Communications together will provide Internet based services on mobile phones for free of charge, so that India will become the first country in Asia to use the Facebook free service and people will enjoy free unlimted mobile internet service.

Reliance launched a free unlimted internet service in India.

The Reliance and Facebook will provide the application first in seven of the 22 regions of India, or regions and then they will launch it across the country in the next 90 days, Gurdeep Singh, managing director of Reliance consumer told to journalists.

The free internet will be provided by service, a non-profit organization whose sponsors include Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm and Opera Software. This aim to launch such service is to provide internet access to third of the world population that is not yet connected to the world via internet.

The application is aimed for low-income and rural users to have free internet access via mobile phone to more than 30 concise web services, jobs website, agricultural information, health websites and education websites in seven focused regional languages ​​- and the Facebook social and private messaging networks services.

This service will be available to all subscribers of Reliance with 106.3 million phones that has the feature of Internet service.

Mobile phones sales booming in India with the second largest mobile market in the world and sales up to 90 percent of smartphones in the quarter from October to December. But less than 20 percent of the population has access to the Internet - So that more than one billion people don't have internet access.

Facebook said it had worked since October last year with Reliance Communications to overcome barriers of connectivity.

Both Reliance and Facebook said it should in the long-term benefit of society. India has the world's third largest population of Internet users and is able to take second place in this year.

Singh said the company has needed to meet the expected increase in traffic infrastructure strengthened, but gave no details on the amount that was spent.

"We discuss data access have positive benefits, and then we'll scalable for our partners, so that once these users want to use more, just buy a regular schedule (data)," Markku Makelainen, Director Global Face associations operators, Reuters said.

"One of our goals is to have a profitable relationship."

Facebook has more than 150 mobile operators in the last four years together to provide free or discounted access to the facebook social network, but the new application is the first time the company added a new services through their website.

The service comes to India and then a similar entries in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Colombia soon.
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