Micromax launched cheapest cellphones of RS 699 only with good features

Micromax Launched new phones in 2015, Ultra-Cheap cell phone power packed at Rs 699 only.

Micromax has launched its cheapest new phones in 2015Joy X1800 and joy X1850 with cheap micromax price Rs 699 and RS 749 only respectively. These are the cellphone with basic functions that are packed in a bag instead of a box. Also, one of the first times Micromax entered the highly competitive market of telephony in India.

Micromax Launched new phones in 2015, Ultra-Cheap cell phone power packed at Rs 699 only.

Joy X1800 features a 0.08 MP rear camera, a 750 mAh battery and expandable memory up to 4GB. The company says these cheap mobile phones have very long battery life of about 235 hours in use. Joy X1850 offer a larger 1800 mAh battery which last up to 600 hours. Both cellphones have a 1.77-inch screen and has all the basic features like FM radio, alarm clock, flashlight and others. But one thing that is GPRS service is not available in these mobile phones.

Joy X-1800 is in its retail stores, but not included in the e-commerce portals. Joy X-1850 will be available in a week.

Part of industry observers, the growth rate in recent years have followed Micromax really surprised by this new offering. Micromax already beat Samsung, they seized an impressive market share of 22% in Q4 2014 (October-December) because they sold 46000000 cellphones, compared to the largest telecom operator (and smartphone vendors), Samsung which sold 4.4 million units in India.

Micromax build trusted brand among Indian consumers, and gradually become the number 1 when it comes to Android phones. Therefore, in the middle of the story of the growth of the middle class Android phones is incredible, that was the reason for launching mobile phones of this very low mobile prices now?

It seems that the market observers not reflect the fact that the 21.6 million phones sold last year, 23% of them were to take Threshold under $100 and 68% of all mobile phones sold in India are feature phones. It is this huge market and Micromax wants to dominate, which resulted previously by Nokia. But with a change of direction in Nokia, attention is now focused on high-end Windows phones that work with the Lumia series and feature phones are slowly drifting from his approach.

This Joy series cellphone of Micromax can be a second perfect companion for your smartphone!

Micromax founded his own production facility in Uttrakhand and all their cellphones and gadgets are now labeled "Made in India". Here we have highlighted some interesting points that led the astronomical growth in India.

However, his customer service is always questionable and who can cover a lot of ground.
His new low-cost feature cellphone can be described as a new attempt to increase their reach and market share; and an attempt to become a player in this segment mass with the launch of new phones in 2015.
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