What is a tablet pc? Pros and cons of tablets

What is the difference between tablet and laptop.

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What is the difference between tablet and laptop.

Tablets are expected to compete with Apple iPad and are expected to offer a lot more features optimized for touch. Windows 8 is the latest operating system with dual face from Microsoft, which can run on regular PCs as well as touch based tablet computers. If you are looking for a new tablets computer and confused between buying a tablet or PCs, wait for few months until some of the cool tablets (updated Windows 8 OS) hit the market. We are gathering forces to review all tablets that will come up. 

What is windows Tablets?

We can define Windows tablets as tablets which were built to Microsoft's specification and running a licensed version of Microsoft Windows operating system. Primarily, Windows Tablet’s were targeted to address business needs mainly as note-taking devices, and as rugged devices for field work.

Simply, we can define “A tablet which uses Windows operating system as their main operating system can be called as Windows tablets”. Windows based tablets will run all the software which were on the Windows. A windows based tablet will have MS Office, Adobe, etc but also we can found some tablet pros and cons.

Main difference between Laptops and Tablets

1) The main difference between a Laptop and Tablet is its size. We can use tablet without using a keyboard or a mouse. But it is difficult to use laptop without a mouse and keyboard.

2) When compare to laptop, tablets are lighter in weight. You can carry tablet in your pocket. Touch environment in the tablet makes navigation easier than the keyboard.

3) In tablets digital painting and image editing is easier and more realistic than painting or sketching with a mouse in a Laptop. With the help of tablets, it is easier and faster entering of diagrams, mathematical notations, and symbols.

4) In tablets, handwriting can be slower than typing speeds. Users can’t write as fast as we type in the keyboard.

What is a Tablet PC?

Tablet can be defined as a small computer having main characteristics of a personnel computer. A tablet is portable and it is equipped with a touch screen as a primary input device. Users can interact with the tablet with the help of touch screen. A tablet looks smaller than a notebook computer and larger than a smart phone.

Windows tablets have not been very popular so far, but Windows 8 could change that scenario. Most big players like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Sony are gearing up to release Windows 8 ready tablets in the next few years.

A tablet computer is a complete mobile computer which is larger than a personal digital assistant, which is integrated into a flat touch screen and primarily operated by touching the screen. It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard or a digital pen rather than a physical keyboard.
Software applications for tablets will be same of the notebook computer. It consists of office suites, web browsers, games and different applications. Tablets are mainly categorized into three different ways. They are
1) Hybrid tablet
2) Slate tablet
3) Rugged tablet

Hybrid tablet is like a regular notebook, but with a removable display that functions independently as a slate.

Slate tablet has electronics integrated into the touch screen unit and it lacks a hardware keyboard. However, external keyboards are available for slate tablets, some of which function as docks for the devices. Ex for this type of devices is iPad.

Rugged tablet is a slate-like model that is designed to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions. They are usually encased in a protective shell and have shock-protected hard drives.
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