Software to run android apps on PC computer with Windows

The best software to help you run your favorite Android apps on PC

People use Skype on PC, then they switch directly to the equivalent of an Android smartphone to continue the conversation. The scenario of the game changes when titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Prince of Persia now have identical versions for PC to mobile platforms. 

The best software to help you run your favorite Android apps on PC

Despite all these improvements is the ability to use all the Android applications on a computer , a complex concept. People want to run the specific mobile applications that run on their computers including games. The strong demand for solutions that allow Android applications to run on the PC, led to the development of software tools that simplify the process. Here are some of the most remarkable to help get the job done in minutes.


Undoubtedly, the best BlueStacks software tool, which you can find on the market today. The program for Windows is designed simple, easy to use and reliable especially if it runs to support the application on the PC. Instead of trying to completely replace the operating system creates a separate BlueStacks only for the desired application window running. The interface allows for easy use of your desktop application or when the game is running in the background. It is stable, compared to other programs that try to replace your Windows operating system, a better overall performance.


YouWave Android Emulator is another one that has been tested to work on a number of Android games and applications. All you have to do is make a copy of the APK file on your computer and import them into the emulator. Program execution begins and no manual configuration procedure is not required. Compared with BlueStacks, YouWave a fair advantage Android applications running on your PC because it requires minimum processor use. The emulator supports Android 4.0 programs and can run on Windows XP. Easy for people who still use an older generation of operating system.


Windroy a lesser known, but another good emulator is that you can run Android applications and games can be enjoyed in the comfort of your PC. Compared to its rivals, the software is designed to provide a complete Android experience. When the application is started, it is automatically in full screen mode. All options that are supported in the Android version of the emulator will be found and if you are using a touch-screen monitor, the navigation is much easier. There is also an option in the full screen-windowed mode to make it easy to run Android apps on your PC. You can access other programs when running in windowed mode. The FPS is low, but otherwise this is to consider a good emulator.

Some less compatible, but useful additions include official emulator for Android developers and Android Google Android-on Intel x86 architecture.
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