Now get spotify mobile free on mobile and tablets

Streaming music App Spotify Mobile app is finally free

You can now use the spotify mobile app for free in a tablet or iOS or Android smartphone. But there is a condition.

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Spotify makes its free mobile application.

Also see Trick How to Get Full Sportify Premium outside U.S. The music streaming service, said on Wednesday that now they allow anyone to use spotify mobile app on a tablet or smartphone for free with iOS or Android app. The new service begins on Wednesday. Until now, users could only use Spotify on the desktop or browser-free program. But now only premium members who pay $10 a month to listen can access the Service by any other device.

The move marks a change in the activity of Spotify Mobile Free and was able to expand its potential audience. The absence of a free mobile app was an inhibitor of growth companies and fill this gap could help further growth.

The application of the tablet works just like the desktop version, which give you access to the specific selection of skis.

The smartphone application likely not to work exactly like the PC service. Users can manage their playlists and albums to access the music, but going through the list with a "shuffle" button coincidence leaves. Users can not choose the exact song you want to play immediately and need to mix your playlists.

"This is how the next generation will build the music library," CEO Daniel Ek of Spotify said. "It is not the purchase of a song or another. Trying to add to a collection."

Users can access existing playlists or can create their lists in mobile applications

While Spotify which gives the freedom to user to select and select the desired song, it turned out to be a streaming of music, it is still behind the leader Pandora, which uses a model of the radio on the Internet and can be connected to multiple devices be found free of charge. Spotify Mobile Free has said it has 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers, while Pandora has about three times the amount of 72.4 million active listeners and more than 200 million registered users.

It turns out that the main difference is in the business model, what has it so difficult and expensive  to get Spotify on mobile service. Spotify came on the shuffle option.

"We are the first and only service to do to get the license," Ek said.
The free service will continue to receive advertising.
Spotify, now have to look behind him, with Apple strives for the dominant streaming music service on your mobile device. Apple said in October that iTunes notched 20 million radio listeners in the five weeks after its release.

Spotify mobile also announced that Led Zeppelin catalog will be available exclusively for the service.
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