What is smartwatch 2: Sony smart watch review

Review: Sony SmartWatch 2 could go mainstream?

After the tech boom, such as smartphones and tablets, the next frontier for tech companies is willing to shift to wearable products, such as Google glasses and smart-watches. A year ago, few people have heard about smart-watches.

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Sony is a major player in the smartwatch market, despite the name is actually the third attempt by Sony. Sony SmartWatch 2 is surely a promising device because it is one of the product of the giants in the industry with years of experience and also has a few devices to search under his brand.

Hardware of Sony Smartwatch2

From the beginning, we can see a Smart Watch is a different matter when it comes to hardware- far from what we expect from smartphones and tablets. First, it is a clock. So you need their functional purpose, yes, but a clock to realize for years been associated with style, elegance and the image of fashion. Where a SmartWatch should have these basic attributes, and then also what makes it so called "intelligent".

The hardest part of creating a Smart Watch is what sounds good to me does not seem like much to many others. That's why we see the variety of watch models, then how can satisfy many tastes of SmartWatch? The fact is- you can not. So it is up to you to decide, if you like it or not but honesty i do. It is not bulky and does not seem out of place in public. In fact, I thought I would feel a bit silly on the street or sitting in restaurants, but this was not the case. People seemed more intrigued and interested and no one seemed to think it a strange.

If you are with the Sony Xperia products, you will surely recognize the device as Sony long before the logo. This means that a square with rounded corners, edges flat sides. Belts in our model is a question of the gum is at best convenient. It feels much softer and more comfortable than it looks at first, but do not jazzy- and we like it that way.

It also reminds us Xperia slopes, moderate and elegant devices. It has a TFT screen of 1.6 inches, up to 176 pixels per inch. The reality is that you use it mainly to watch from time to time and slide from side to side at a time. Which is done by pressing a button on the aluminum side- you can see the time without needed to unlock the device (as opposed to the velocity of the Galaxy contrast  to see and unlock the screen works very well for navigation menus. Some have complained that the response may be slow, but I never had this problem.

The only other design feature is the micro-USB port for charging the trunk lid. There are more than aesthetic reasons to have a closed port load: SmartWatch 2 carries the same IP57 against dust and the degree of water resistance of the Sony Xperia say Z, it's over, when you spread your hands are dipped in water wash, but it really means IP57 rating it able to stay under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter without any side effects.

Companion app and monitoring software

As I said in my first impressions after receiving the unit the smart watches have seen so far are all asking for some sort of assistance is based, which means that the ability of the clock "smart" comes from its complementary device. With the Sony is the same. As noted, the process is very simple. It was not necessary to read the instructions or play with different settings. Just use NFC in their devices quickly connect the two with a simple touch or pair with your Bluetooth phone to install the application, connect to the device to Play music etc.

It is important to note that this work with a SmartWatch Smart Android device running Android 4.0 or higher. This gives you an immediate advantage over the Samsung Galaxy gear that only with Samsung devices. I 've been using the Sony Xperia C, a Galaxy Nexus S4 and two years without connection problems or performance difference.

What I liked was the ease with which I could adjust the clock on my smartphone. The instrument settings always available through the notification area. Found a blow and the key and in the companion application. From here you can easily recommended for applications (directly from Sony), or you can search the app store for dozens of applications for the use of games, reviews of software and fitness. There is also an application of the adjustments to the clock itself, and this is where you can control some of the practical functions, such as turning Bluetooth on/off, activate the vibrations, the choice of clock to enable or disable some applications invited by default reset, and so on.

You will definitely need to add application functions. It was more than I thought it would be, that the device is compatible with earlier versions . In fact, it is possible, applications that were designed for earlier versions of the SmartWatch loaded. The bad news is that much of the selection is not really worth getting excited about. There are many applications that do not work as well, or are not really useful or practical. This should change with time. I think the most disappointing is the fact that most applications, very expensive, and given the limited functions that could justify most purchases. I want to make a purchase, use it for five minutes and then a refund of the Play.

Notifications are essentially what this device is all about me. You do not want to read a long address on the small screen (and can not), but being able to take a look at your clock and see if the sound of the bag worth your attention is the focus of this category at this time. Gmail messages showing the sender of the email, with a quick snippet of text. This is usually enough to know information if this is something that you have an urgent need to address or ignore now.

One of the places that I have found most useful device was on his way. We all know the feeling when you are expecting a message or call, and you can see the mobile phone. Well, now you can simply scan your wrist to see what happens without being distracted. On the other hand , its perhaps the basic call processing. In the absence of speakers or microphone, this is the only thing I can do to reject or a call from the dial. Answering a call is really just a useful option if you have a Bluetooth headset.

The user experience and performance

Many people have asked, "What is the meaning of a Smart Watch" In my opinion, has been designed to cover some, if small hole in our lives with art, ie filled, the difference between the hand and the device in your pocket. Above the screen you will see the light of day- without backlight Happy day , like clockwork.

What aspects of device performance "intelligent"? In short, I found acceptable when it is not exemplary. As I said, the answer is good enough for this type of device. You should not expect that you will pass through the screen of a SmartWatch per minute at a time as you need it on a smartphone. In fact, there will never be many home screens and some menus.

One aspect that caught me off guard a few times, it is the intensity of the vibration alerts. Its strength can not be put anywhere on the device, but does not interfere in the long term. I have just a couple of hours to get used to it. In fact, when the vibrations are a little smoother, I think one of the problems would be even better: the battery. It is good to have a SmartWatch who easily takes 3-4 days with heavy use on a single charge. Not only that, the speed at which the device is charged epic. You must fully charge in about 30 minutes under vacuum.

The general feeling you get after you for a long time, it is a euphoria that Sony is simple. Essentially, if you can operate a touch screen phone, you know how to use the SmartWatch, second The companion application of the host cell can be simple, but offers access you need without getting in the way. I liked the user interface simple and intuitive experience, with one exception- that would have been cool to have things such as alarm application.


Compared to the competition obviously, the Samsung Galaxy gear comes at a much cheaper price- ZAR2, 299 (U.S. $226). This means you do not have a microphone and a camera in the Samsung equivalent. However, it is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.0 and higher, which is a big advantage over its counterpart .

Unlike a phone, The SmartWatch 2 is a well made product, price, grinning- it induces. The document provides a pretty good solution, and the potential to improve the functionality of future applications that will definitely meet the market. The bottom line is this: If you are "gadgety" and want a smartphone- companion, especially for messages SmartWatch 2 certainly fulfill this role. If you want more, you may have to wait for the technology to develop a bit more.
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