Black friday deals hp offers cheap android tablets and more

HP Black Friday deals special offer with sub-$100 Android Tablet

HP and Intel sign a low-cost Android tablet deals. More deals are in the works for the black Friday deals.

HP Offers Cheap Android Tablets and More on best black friday deals

Intel has the scoop on some tablets deals on Black Friday deals, including an Android tablet that is low price and in budget of even common man. HP 7-inch brand Mesquite Tablet is equipped with an Intel processor and will sell for $89 at Wal-Mart. Not Expect to burn a barn specification, however. It is likely that you get what you pay for.

Other than this cheap budget android tablet PC deal inlet has some more for You

For example, if you buy a PC from Costco for $600 or more, you can get $180 and Dell Venue 8 tablets (including Android) for $99.

Dell Venue 8 is expected to go on sale for $130 directly from Dell, according to Intel .
Intel also cited the $100 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 at Best Buy, for a retail price of $300.
However, this number of 100-dollars-off appears to be slightly inaccurate, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is already on the Best Buy site sales to $360 discounted for the black Friday deals.
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