New seo news for blogger Google is killing the keywords

New SEO News. Google is killing the keywords

Organic SEO has rested on the quality of keywords and keywordtools. The formula is simple: determines how users search for content or services, customize your keyword strategy and the benefits of organic search traffic from those keywords. But for more than two years, efforts were made more difficult to achieve this with accuracy.

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Why? As most business owners will be able to get their own best strategies, to be determined for keywords. The less they have to spend money to pay for keyword advertising on Google. This is a gross generalization, but it seems to be the center of a movement that will be launched by Google in October 2011. In order to understand what the cause of the disappearance of the keywords- and how to fight back- we have take some cold, hard look facts.

Keywords Data is Almost All Encrypted

Back in the day, blog owners or a business site can easily understand the keywords trend and analyzed how the visitors can find their site or product with the help of keywords and what to do with Google Analytics.

Two years ago, Google quietly told the world that block figures, particularly in terms of how people find the content they can access. These in turn offer a consolation prize, the will of the visits to the ports of natural search results in the category of non tools such as Google Analytics. If this seems a little fishy, it's because it is.

While frowning moving, panic will not occur. Google has promised that 10% (or less) of searches will be affected. But the truth is that more than two years later, it is clear that these numbers playing with the suppliers in the worst possible way. There are no specific data that the use of keywords, marketing efforts in relation to a totally blind experience.

Why Google efforts to improve the fixed relationship between consumers, content creators and search people? They swore it was a safety issue. At first, it only applies to those who are connected to Google. They pointed out that the encryption of data because large number of researchers spy and invade the privacy of the users Person data and search keywords strings. But with the encryption of data no one can spy on the users keywords searches except Google.

Since then, every time it was observed that the search is carried out encrypted without liquidation. Google has confirmed this, stating that they searched extend "security" for all. This means that searchers have access to key data , but more and more "data is not always" results. And for many SEO rankings are suffering very much.

Some say that these efforts are truly benevolent Google launched to protect PRISM attack NSA users. Google has suffered from the problems of publicity and public reaction, that the details of PRISM have been revealed, and in turn, it makes sense that they respond in kind. However, it is the destruction of keywords and is really all about protecting the privacy of users?

Why the death of keyword spells danger for business and websites

Most marketing teams focus their efforts on organic search results and carefully selected the heart of all these strategies of keywordtools. Study of the effectiveness of keywords can adapt their campaign tactics in the creation of content, page optimization and a comprehensive approach to demographics and user behavior of marketers.

No statistics, however, the team may use their instinct alone. Of course, this method is far from ideal. Consider a company that sells art and framed prints. You can create a landing page on "abstract modern painting" you start an influx of users who "want to create abstract art posters". Thanks to erroneous results, the page can see a significant increase in bounce rate. Without the knowledge of what people are looking for when they landed on the website looking for the marketing team here would not be possible, then create a page of "abstract modern authors, " and take advantage of traffic.

Marketing teams are now facing these dilemmas every day, simply because the data is no longer available. How many users will lose every day because they simply do not know what they are you looking for?

Ultimately, it hurts the whole secret of the spectrum: consumers and entrepreneurs.

How can companies make lemonade?

Now we are confronted with facts, it is important that all the bad news to understand. The websites that rely solely on keyword research obviously not paying enough attention to the quality of content and ultimately fantastic text, graphics, video and marketing campaigns that sell products and earn the heart of the consumer. It's not all about keywords perfect chain.
To fight against this lack of search keywors, the restoration of a strong commitment to exceptional compelling and engaging content is the first step. Moreover, we must not forget that the keywords are not the only indicator worth a study for seo.

Analytics and Tracking data gain more importance. Monitoring resist accessible, if you know what you get all of the keywords you have selected. You can use keywords and search studies of visibility from different angles and goals, which means increasing the overall efficiency. Several third-party metric fabulous new algorithms that display data together with other relevant data to fill the gaps through the keyword research. Use this to your advantage.
See page level is worth more. By examining which of your pages collect more visits Google search engine, you can determine a lot of people's awareness about their visitors.

Finally, do not forget to paid search. Google AdWords data still contain keywords that another important reason why people believe the things Google has quietly made, they have to pay now for free access to what once was. This increases the value of your AdWords campaign, however, when making your case to paid search results to your site higher priority level and knowledge on selected keywords.

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Finally, it appears the simple fact that marketers can access data keywords, if they pay for it and handle any real intention of Google. If privacy is not a massive problem when the data are not available. Conditions in all that is, at least this. Good news for marketers who need to validate the analysis of major changes in the strategy and direction If you pay for it. The paid keywordtools is still there.
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