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Updated Google Hummingbird is increasingly important for companies to think

Seo news and search optimization For Google Hummingbird. Google Hummingbird is the largest iteration of the algorithm, such as Google Caffeine in 2010. However, it puts less direct impact on search engine marketing than Panda and Penguin updates. Amit Singhal of Google said that 90% of searches were affected by this change in algorithm. It is interesting to note, however, is that very little has been said in the various sectors about the ranking of sites before the announcement was made.

Google Hummingbird is the largest iteration of the algorithm, such as Google Caffeine in 2010.

Here are details of the amendments Hummingbird detailing what has changed and how it affects search strategies of search engine marketing.

Google Hummingbird is a step in the direction of the artificial intelligence of the Google algorithm. Google's goal is to provide valuable content, what you want the search to serve. A key performance indicator of this change is probably the number of search queries in a short period, the user (more research shows that the content is not relevant to your request), and the number of pages.

For example, eight years ago, 30% of users would be looking at the search results on the first page of Google. Today it is only 10% and is likely to decrease as Google improves search indexing against the true purpose of the search (which is even more important to increase SEO).

So, let's take a look at Colibri in detail. What changes and what it means for search marketers and website owners .

Semantic Search

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Semantic search is increasingly discussed in terms of SEO in the years to come, especially in pursuit of devices, change search queries with developing technology and techniques for extracting information from Google and s adaptation to changes in hardware.
Semantic search is where an algorithm like Google, get information from the search direction instead of assigning content to term. Google's goal is to continue to improve all index the content based on semantics.

Before Hummingbird, Google was indexing content with pattern-matching up the database and the query content.
Today's Hummingbird is smarter and now content indexes based on query intention. These include some of the most important elements within the requirements of the search and the search engine. For example, search can include context variables such as the user's device, the time of the search executed search (local) or the frequency of the requests of the same device that allows Google to better understand the search habits of the user. With a better understanding of search engines, Google can explore to better assess the intent and improve the content of the index.

Web content

As Google continues the semantic web search algorithm improve its sites will continue to display the quality contents to improve end-users. Gone are the days when SEOs could focus on the density of keywords and keywords in alt tags, meta tags and labels H. Now search is available in several variations of keywords, although this recommendation is the result of the update Hummingbird.
Images, text and video- The content of this site is divided into three sections and only a combination of the three determines the subject of the page. It is designed for businesses, SEO professionals and marketing of the website to see that each side has its own theme contribute to all kinds of content to improve SEO.

For example, if I have a page on "tablet PC", so I want to give many signals to Google as possible that this page is very specific at all relevant keywords. Therefore, from a contextual point of view, I want to make sure that it is optimized for all types of search product including courier services, smartphones and best tablet reviews. I also want to make sure that the contents of the text covers important practical information- for example, product use and application. This is especially important with the updated Hummingbird because Google is specifically looking how to better reflect the contents of the practical search starting with things like " How to ... "or" what is ... " . More on that later.

Second, you want to ensure that you are using the corresponding images on the page, for example maps, 20% of all searches have "local intent" in Britain  and is even higher in the mobile. Thus, the cards are clearly an important element to add websites.

Another important factor to help serve the content is against the attempt rating scale, especially for videos. All these elements contribute to say as signals to Google, "Hey, this page is of great importance for the search term."

Material search and Application Technology search

This is an issue seo experts have with their customers for some time and no surprise that Google have worked covered in the updated hummingbird.
Seo experts have worked with their customers to optimize their websites with various customized products and they have seen that there are clearly two types of searches. Materials search is search for a particular product, what it is based- for example, a search for "tablets" is a search for material. The search is clear to describe the product you are looking for the search string. Similarly, a search for "coffee table" means that someone is looking for a specific topic.

Search application, however, the requests from users that are made for something or someone looking to do the necessary work, but the searchers do not know exactly what they want. For example, the term " packaging material moving home" can of each to find packaging solutions to meet your needs, will be used. But the searchers do not know exactly what it takes. The search is in fact asking Google to give the answer. This is where Hummingbird is better semantic understanding of queries and improve the indexing of the content for each user. Google takes into account factors such as the historical research that is used and even items such as personalized "Search Plus Your World", search that carries a similar change. Hummingbird is also in better indexing of content to take depending on the needs of the user.

So, in short, more focused on the search with the ease and efficiency of their products and services (applications) rather than looking for material only describe what you do.

Tap the knowledge graph

Google will rank sites based on information from the knowledge graph. This is probably more relevant for large companies or brands. However, the importance of search and local knowledge to underestimate graph is likely to impact on the ratings.

The use of mobile

More and more people are oing for the search on the phone, where Hummingbird determines the direction of research is under discussion. This search is still spoken search phrases and with such a question. To the Google search results to answer these questions so that the center of the hummingbird is to understand the semantics of the search term, either by location, intending device or to provide- related results .

The use of local search on mobile devices

40% of search queries on mobile have local intent. So, about the content of your website and it seems to think for the phone. Is it formatted correctly? Is it easy to use? This does not mean that it is sensitive and built in HTML5, as this is only a temporary solution.
For example, your business link will be very important for mobile visitors, but if your business links buried in the footer of your site office and vomited in the same way by his reaction design, so that n is not a good practice.

Google wants to give more weight to changes in the next year to a mobile-optimized content. Hummingbird is in fact the first step towards this goal. Google wants to create the content to get a better view on the "intent" of a user. This includes the equipment used for search.

Short and Long Tail Keywords

Hummingbird has a greater impact in the long tail searches more stringent (search terms where this is a problem or an element of uncertainty in the minds of researchers). Relative to the head (short tail), Head and generic terms may be affected in some industries, but major changes can be observed over long periods of time. This is because the search for the conversation .

conversation search

With voice search and search creates query string and it is important to use the content to match the search. Remember, if you have products with multiple applications manuals and guides.
Ikea is a great example of a website that shows good video content, as it has every type of furniture. This is an excellent Contents Index interview search.

Short summary

Make sure your content is appropriate for a user. Do not just think about what you want, but also what searchers try, based on contingent factors such as location, the search engine and search to find the content. Adjust to ensure your content and increase the semantic information for better indexing.

Google Hummingbird is the beginning of big changes in content indexing. Google will be better able to determine the user's intention and semantic understanding and changes in consumer behavior across multiple channels, including mobile. Market research must adapt as well.
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